Cross Fire - No Photon Lasers, No Energy Fields, Just Blood and Guts

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Having played third person shooter game Mange Fighter and FPS games like K.O.S. Secret Operation and Combat Arms, I thought CrossFire was another similar First Person Shooter game. I soon realized it wasn’t - it has more substance to it than meets the eye. It is a fast paced multi-player shooting game with many unique features, like persistent military-ranking and its Ghost mode and stat-tracking features that are unique in comparison to other FPS games. Crossfire has made a major splash in the online first-person shooter scene.

It is an adventure game set in a medieval fantasy world that has grown to encompass a large number of monsters, a huge collection of maps to explore, a complex magic system, races, character classes, a system of skills and many artifacts and treasures. CrossFire caters to hardcore FPS fans with its tight shooting mechanics, wide selection of realistic weaponry and ever-expanding competitive community. Once you get into the game you will feel as if you have played this game for years and will want to continue forever.

Be a Villain or a Valiant!

The game involves two International Mercenary Forces Corporations - Black List and Global Risk - who are at war with each other. Black List is a secret terrorist organization creating disharmony, while Global Risk is a military organization aiming for world peace. As you enter the game you assume the role of either a Black List terrorist or Global Risk mercenary, and then join an online team that must work together to complete objective-based scenarios.

Don't Get Lost in the Gameplay Modes

CrossFire, as I mentioned earlier, has many maps to choose from, each with a different size and purpose. These maps have many secret passages and many places to hide. You can select the map in which you would like to play. Players earn experience points and achievements which allow them to level-up through different military ranks and unlock exclusive items and equipment.

There are four gameplay modes:

Team Match (search and destroy) - You win by either eliminating all members of the opposing team or by completing set objectives (e.g. defusing or planting a bomb). Hone your team strategy and tactics skills. As you play multiple rounds in this game, the team with the most rounds is declared the winner.

Team Death Match - Killing is your mission. Eliminate as many enemy members as possible. There’s only one round, with instant re-spawns for whoever is killed. The team with the most kills in the specified time is the winner.

Elimination – Similar to death match and team match, only without instant re-spawn. The team that manages to eliminate all members of the enemy party in a certain number of rounds, wins.

Ghost Mode – This is the most interesting, innovative and unique game mode. Here, one team is in possession of top-secret cloaking technology, rendering them invisible to the opposing team. This team of "ghosts" is armed only with knives and must stealthily track and hunt the enemy team.

In Game Shopping

Obtain new items for free in CrossFire by using GP which is earned through game progression. Players can spend GP earned in-game to have a shot at winning ZP items and weaponry in the Black Market. You can also earn additional GP and ZP items through numerous events and promotions that are run each month. You can also earn Z8 points for free by taking simple surveys.

Players can purchase Z8 Points (ZP), the in-game currency, using real money through specific payment methods like PlaySpan Marketplace. Players have access to items essentially for convenience factor or for customization of characters. There are also cross-promotion giveaways with gaming websites, where players can win ZP prizes.

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