Cross Cut Shredder - How to Ensure Document Security

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Protecting the internal activities of your business including business transactions and financial info regarding its financial health from prying eyes (except government certified auditors) should always be a prime objective of your company. Why? Because protecting any kind of information that will give your competitors an advantage over you in any way is damaging towards the company. In this day and age of rapid information sharing can place important and strategic information of your business in the wrong hands.
There are many methods to ensure document security. One of them is to shred and destroy all of your important documents. For this you can use crosscut shredders that are paper shredding machines that shred paper in tiny bits of paper that are difficult to reconstruct ensuring that the information on the documents is secure and cannot be reused by anyone for any purpose.
To derive the maximum benefits from cross cut shredders the efficient use of shredders has a pivotal role in ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t get out. Traditionally it is advised that you go for the cross cut shredder rather than the strip cut shredders. Cross cut shredders are more powerful in destroying documents because crosscut paper shredders “cut” documents into confetti like particles rather than long strips. This ensures that reconstructing the document gets much harder when compared with strip cut shredders.

To ensure document security first of all you need to decide what kind of shredder you require. Depending on the documents you intend to protect you need to select the LEVEL of the shredder you intend to use. Each level categorizes the shredder according to its paper shredding power. By power it means that the higher level paper shredders have a greater ability to shred paper into smaller bits as compared to lower level cross shredders.
Starting from the lower side, LEVEL 1 cross cut shredders are used to destroy informal documents like shredding old shopping receipts, promotional letters, expired lottery tickets, gift cards, etc. Crosscut shredders of this type can be used at both homes and offices.
LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3 paper shredders are used business documents, financial reports, business plans, and strategic reports, personal letters, official business reports, and internal memos which destroy the documents in to small confetti like bits of paper.
Climb up the ladder of the levels of cross cut shredder security and you reach LEVELS 4 and LEVEL 5 where the shredders are used for destroy high or very high sensitive documents. Documents like social security numbers, medical records, copyrighted research articles, and any other such documents under this category are safely and securely destroyed making reconstruction on arduous task and reducing the risk of crucial information falling into the wrong hands and endangering the integrity of your business.

Once you have selected at which level do you want to use the crosscut shredder and what kind of documents you need to destroy then other features to look for in crosscut shredder are safety requirements, its easiness in handling user interface, if it can automatically change the lubricating oil for the blades etc.
Cross cut shredders can play their part in helping you in ensuring the security of your business documents however other methods involved in document security should also be followed so that you don’t need to rely too much on crosscut shredders.

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