Cricket and Bollywood makes Hindi News complete

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Indians are known for their risk aversion and lack of challenges. There are two things that can draw an image totally different from this presumption and prejudices. They are Cricket and Bollywood known to make mood and personality of every Indian lively. After work the most sought activities are either going to movies or watching cricket (repeat telecast of historical matches or live cricket matches if any event is there). Cricket news and Hindi Bollywood news have potential to move the whole nation. Energy levels are something people like to talk about when any cricket event is on the show and Bollywood movies always comes as a refreshing break for people looking for it. Hindi news tries to catch all the buzz of these two hot and entertaining topics.

Bollywood-Always dazzling!
Talk of latest entertainment stories people would be quick enough to come up with Bollywood affairs, new release, debut of sons and daughters of popular stars of time when Bollywood was not Bollywood exactly, award functions to name a few. Entertainments sections are full Hindi bollywood news. People take up supplementary magazines before the main newspaper that shouts nothing but Bollywood buzz.

Limelight is what has become of movies and their actors and actresses. Film Industry people get into their own way of attracting viewers for their upcoming movies in wake of doing something different than league. Their Promotion’s Partners sometimes suggest ideas but nevertheless capitalize on existing and expected market value of the Industry person. Tact fails very less.

Cricket: As binding as Bollywood
Cricket in more similar than different than movies. Whole nation can dance on the tune played by cricket when events demand. Cricket has often become inspiration for Bollywood as like other issues that were addressed by Movies. Leave apart Cricket News, even Hindi news covers some of these stories now the News channels have gone 24X7 modes. They are in constant look out of happenings to be reported and they could belong to any sphere more avidly Cricket.

Both Cricket and Bollywood are known to provide viewers with heady climaxes. People refuse to leave their seats even for as important a task as going to washrooms to see the way match or movie turns in climax. Then next day they would wait for newspapers to read up about the same. Cricket news leads the Sports column and Hindi Bollywood news does the same with entertainment section. Hindi News about generalities of life comes much later. The climax is not exactly a climax after all.

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