Cremation urns can be a cost effective and fitting memento for our loved ones.

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Many of us are struggling financially in the recent downturn and we need to look at cutting costs in many areas of our lives. Sadly this can also mean we cannot give a loved one the funeral we want, due to the sheer expense. Don't despair; you can still find a fitting and beautiful memento that won’t beak the bank, by selecting a cremation urn.

Burials are declining in popularity, for one we are literally running out of suitable burial space, and two the cost of a burial can be prohibitive. More and more people are turning towards cremation as a funerary method; it's a greener and more cost effective process. One thing that also makes cremation more popular is it gives us far more options with regard to our loved ones final resting place. We can choose to scatter their ashes in some special place, or we can choose a burial spot somewhere that was dear to their heart. Whatever we choose for their final resting place we will need to make a selection from cremation urns. There is a huge selection of cremation urns and there will be one that will suit the deceased and their choice of resting place.

Another factor why people are choosing cremation rather than burial these days, is that it gives us the option to keep a loved ones remains close to us. There are cremation urns that double up as photo or keepsake boxes. There are also jewelry cremation urns, where the ashes can be placed and given to many members of the family. Having a piece of beautiful jewelry is great, but it's even nicer when we know that jewelry is keeping our loved one close to our hearts. There is really nothing morbid about keeping someone we held dear close to us after they die.

The vast array of cremation urns means one thing, we can get the exact type of memorial we want. You probably haven't thought of choosing your own cremation urn, but the question I would ask is why not? We make many choices in our lives, and making a choice about something we want in our death should be no different. Choosing your own cremation urns is also an incredibly loving thing to do for your family, as it removes what can be an onerous task from them. You take a decision away from your family at a time when they will be finding it difficult to cope, and you also get to pick your last resting place.

Why not have a look today at what cremation urns are out there. You may get a few odd looks from your family, but once they realize why you are doing it they will understand. cremation urns can be very specialized and reflect your profession or trade. Our families want a fitting and respectful tribute to us when we die, and if you have chosen your own it will be a more special as a memento for them. Maybe you want something less dark and serious, well if you make your own choice you can get just that. There are some very unique and even quirky funeral urns, so you can even inject some humor into your funeral and final farewell.

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