Creed Griffon vs. Harry Potter

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Have you ever heard of Creed Griffon? I can't help but think that Creed Griffon could very well be the next Harry Potter. This fun to read series is quickly getting a lot of good reviews at and Barnes and Noble. If you take the time to read it yourself, you'll quickly see that the author, C. L. Lewis, has cleverly taken you into the realm of Dendura. The Road To Dendura is Book One of The Creed Griffon Series. It's no coincidence that the author's name is very close to the spelling of "C. S. Lewis." She has all the same talents, foresights, and potential to carry you away into another world just as he did with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

You see, I know that every person is anxiously searching for "The Next Harry Potter" and I do feel that I've discovered him. Now I'm passing this secret on to you. Creed Griffon is a basically clever young boy that doesn't ask for much out of this life. He is simply doing like most of us - doing the best of the existence he's been dealt.

Give The Road To Dendura a chance and you'll see that Creed Griffon is the next Harry Potter. He is trustworthy, cunning, brave, he sticks to his buddies like glue, and he's fighting a brand new edition of the "good vs. evil" fight.

Here's two things that I don't like about Harry Potter:

One: Why is Harry Potter always running? Yes, boy wonder, the chosen one is constantly running away from his enemies. Now, I'm a reasonable person and I love a good story as much as you. I can see why he would want to run away from Voldermort in the first movie. I'd probably run away from a Bandolix that could kill you if you looked at it, too. But why is he still running from Lord Voldermort's junkies (snatchers as they're called) in The Deathly Hallows? Don't worry Mr. Chosen One - Hermoione will always be there to save you with a spell she has learned that you have no clue how to conjure.

2. Is Hogwartz a safety zone? I don't buy it. Why would they not attack him when he is most vulnerable and unprotected? Why wait until he's in the company of some of the best Wizards in the business at Hogwartz to attack him? Sorry, I just never liked that pattern about the movies. Sorry, but that kind of a pattern really sounds like an after school special when you look at it in that way.

C. L. Lewis has done away with oddities like that in The Road to Dendura. {Frankly speaking, Creed Griffon never gets a rest from the first time he gets chased - all the way through to the end of the book.|In The Road to Dendura - Creed Griffon never gets to rest. He is constantly on the run.

I initially heard about the Creed Griffon series while I was on It sounded really unique but I waited to purchase it right up until I had heard a couple of credible critiques about the series.

I don't want to blow the entire story line for any individual whom has not read this book yet, so I'll keep my description considerably brief. If you search for Creed Griffon on your favorite search engine, you can go to the official web page and examine actual excerpts from the book. Basically, Creed is at a prepatory school in the middle of nowhere and he and his best buddy Burton Woods are only allowed to attend the Devonshire Prepatory School that the positions their mother's hold at the school. One is a psychology professor and the other is employed in the cafeteria. Regardless of their social and fiscal disadvantages, Creed and Burt soon understand the tough way that Creed and his Father (whom he always considered to have been dead) are really the high priests and creators of a top secret world known as "Dendura." ...Once again, some time and go to the Creed Griffon site to checkout the excerpts for on your own.The boys get themselves into one deadly experience immediately after another, they combat evil creatures of darkness, they're led by a fearless and all knowing Ferret - indeed....Ferret, and they understand that their previous meager and seemingly unimportant excistence was merely just a front to hide the wealth of magical powers they learn they have possessed all along.

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