Creativity with Paper

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There are many things that you could do with paper. Paper is a very useful commodity at home, school or at the office. I could not imagine a student enduring a day at school without having to use paper nor a business executive getting through all day’s work without paper. More than being a medium for communication, paper really has its perks. You could actually explore your creativity through paper.

Schools, for one, are often using paper to enhance the creativity of their students. Most arts and crafts projects would require students to use a piece of paper and express themselves there. There are more than a hundred paper projects that are often done in the arts and crafts class.

There is something called as a card making project. This project teaches students to explore their imagination to come up with a card design and at the same time a very personal and heartwarming message on the card. We also have this so-called, “origami”. Also, known as the art of paper folding, origami is the Japanese’s way of enforcing creativity and discipline among its students. The careful way of folding the origami paper in order to create something beautiful is one way to hone the discipline skills of the students.

Of the entire arts and crafts project at school, my favorite is the one that would ask you to make a paper flower. Before, when someone gives you a paper flower, you should easily conclude that their love for you is artificial and untrue. But now, I beg to defer. It seems like making a paper flower is harder than buying some fresh ones at the flower shop. We should also never discount that fact that as compared to the natural flower, paper flower lasts forever.

Paper flowers are already a hit thing nowadays. It is not only popular among kids or during valentine days. People all around the world have already made a better sense and use with these wonderfully made paper flower. For one, paper flowers could be used as a home décor. Decorating your home with paper flowers makes it very cozy and beautiful. It is also practical since unlike fresh flowers, paper flowers are here to stay.

Each part of the house would need a different kind of paper flower. For example, the kitchen could really use some bright colored paper flowers that could always remind you of the beauty of the outdoors. On the other hand, paper flowers with calming colors are perfect for your living room since it gives a relaxing affect on your mood. Using crepe paper or tissue paper you can make a carnation of any color that you want.

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