Creative Ways To Recycle Grocery Bags

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Each time you go shopping, unless you bring your own, you return home with several paper bags used to carry your products home from the store. Though a few here and there is not a big problem, the sacks are going to pile up and before you know it, you will have a pantry or bedroom closet filled with sacks from stores all over the place. Using one now and then for garbage will never be enough to cut you supply down to an even balance of what comes in goes out in a few days. If you prefer not to bring your own to the store, consider all the uses you can reuse the sacks for. You could save a bundle on gift bags, just by using from the collection you have accumulated in your house already. They may look dull and plain, but you can jazz them up with paper cut-outs, crayons, markers or stickers. You can even give them to kids to decorate and create fancy options for your next gift-giving occasion.

One of the best ways to reuse supermarket sacks is for kitchen garbage scraps that can be taken to the garden. The right kind of brown sacks they can just be tossed into the compost pile and break down with the food scraps. Fill the sacks with banana peels, egg shells, chopped up veggies and plate scraps, as long as they do not include meat of any kind. This makes for great refuse for compost and with the brown materials, you get a good balance of brown and green, dry and wet, the keys to success when composting.

If you have a pet, you know how annoying it can be when you have a mess to clean up indoors or out and you have nothing in which to put it. If you need to clean your cat's litter box, these extra grocery sacks work great. When the time comes to empty the litter box of the old litter, you can dump the entire box into the sacks. If you have a dog and take it for walks around your neighborhood, you will need to bring along a clean-up kit. These extra grocery sacks work great for this purpose.

Those in your family who take lunch to work with them every day will find grocery store sacks convenient and sturdy. Instead of buying brand new lunch sacks, reuse the ones you already own. Kids can even decorate these so they have one-of-a-kind sacks all their own. Plastic sacks are great for keeping spills from leaking should a juice box or bottle of soda rupture during the day.

If you still find there are plenty of sacks left lying around you home even after using them for all of these creative purposes, consider reusing them for your groceries. Some places will take a few cents off your grocery bill if you bring old sacks back with you. This is not only a great way to save; it helps cut down on your collection of old sacks.


Stewart Wrighter recently purchased several cases ofgift bags to use for a fundraiser at his restaurant. He ordered custompaper bags with his restaurant's logo printed on it.

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