Creative Uses For Your Heart Cookie Cutters

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Aside from making heart shaped cookies, is there anything that you can use heart cookie cutters for so that they aren't lying around in your cupboards taking up space that could be used for other items? The truth is there are a number of things that you could do with these heart shaped tools that you rarely use, and they don't have to take up space in your kitchen if you don't want them to. Here are some things that you can do with heart cookie cutters in order to put them to good use.

During the Valentine's Day holiday, you will most likely find heart cookie cutters being used for what they are intended to be used for, and that is making cookies. After that, however, you might find them being used for other purposes.

You might consider using heart cookie cutters as a decoration in your home. They can be used just about anywhere provided that the shape matches the overall theme of the room that they're being used in. If you are fortunate enough to have the metal ones on hand, then you're in luck because these make great decorative pieces, far more decorative than others that are made out of the plastic material. You can add them to your window sills, wall shelves, curio cabinets, near picture frames of a loving couple together, or just about any where else you can think of.

Heart cookie cutters could also be used in the gift giving process. If you are giving a gift to someone that you know enjoys cooking a lot, then you could include this item in the gift that you are giving them. It would sort of be a way of giving them a little extra bonus gift that they can use whenever they want. One great way to accent a present would be to tie the cookie cutter into the bow that wraps around the present. Also, if you're simply giving them a card and not an actual gift, you could tie the cookie cutter around the card as well. This would add a little bit more of a decorative look to the card.

You could also use the heart cookie cutters in a number of artwork activities as well. Since they are formed perfectly into the shape of a heart, you could use them as a template for any paintings that you might be working on which require the heart shape. If you have any kids that enjoy drawing or painting, they too might enjoy the use that they get out of them since they would be able to create heart shaped drawings by tracing around them. Perhaps you might want to create your own Valentine's day cards that you could give out to friends and family. The heart shape would be very appropriate in this situation and you would be able to use it as a template for the design of your card.

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