Creating the Perfect Menu in Cafe World

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The goal of Café World is to put together the perfect menu to entertain and feed your guests so that they keep coming back, give you high ratings and you can load up on the eponymous café coins. There are a lot of thoughts on what constitutes a "perfect" menu for this game, so you should spend a bit of time researching and analyzing how to integrate your current dish options with the demands of your customers. And while you may want to keep cooking the things that you personally would want to eat in real life, it is important to step back time and again to look at what dishes actually sell well and will make you a profit.

Your Schedule

The first thing to consider when choosing dishes for your café is what dishes are going to work with your schedule. There are dozens of dishes to choose from and they each have a different cooking time. The shortest cooking times are only 5 minutes while the longest cooking times are as much as 24 or 48 hours. You can basically setup the dish and let it cook for a day or two while you are at work, watching movie or eating dinner. This is a great option for those that don't log onto Café World very option. But for those that are on two or three times a day, you'll need to more carefully analyze which short term dishes work in tandem with your schedule.

Here's the problem - if you don't serve the food that's sitting on the stove, it will spoil - and quickly. You need to get back to the stove after completion time fairly soon or you will lose your investment and a whole lot of time that could have been spent earning. You'll also have to pay money to clean up the mess from the spoilage, which is a cost you shouldn't have to endure.

The Serving Amount

Each dish also has a different volume of servings it produces. Because each dish is served from a serving table for a set number of customers, you need to consider how many times you can make coins from that dish before it is gone. If you have too many dishes as well, you will quickly find that the space on your serving tables gets used up quickly when you have a new dish and nowhere to put it.

In the end, you want to decide what the total cost per serving for your dishes is. How much does it cost for every serving of that dish to prepare, cook, and serve it. And then, inversely, how much profit do you make from each serving, and how does that break down on an hourly basis. If you make 12 coins per serving of a dish and there are 10 servings of the dish ready every 2 hours, then your per hour coin rate for that dish is 60 coins. Now, most dishes are not nearly that high, but you get the idea.

Ultimately, your café's menu should be based on what you can make with each dish you cook and how well they integrate into your own schedule. Master those details and you will be set for some time to come.

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