Creating Powerful Abstract Images With Your Digital Camera

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One of the most popular forms of photography is abstract photography. Many photographers find it very rewarding. When you give it a try, you will find why it is so popular. You will likely have a very fun time creating abstract images. In fact, it can provide some of the most fun you can have using your camera. Better still, its not necessary to purchase costly equipment. Whatever camera you have will work just fine.

Definition of Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is any kind of photography that does not interpret a subject in a literal way. A photographer might create abstract photography by photographing an unusual object or the photographer might photograph a common object in an unusual way.


There is another nice thing about abstract photography. You can produce abstract images wherever you are. You can find abstract opportunities at your house, the town, or the park. All you need to do is train your eye in what you need to watch out for in abstract compositions.

Abstract Skills

Now, just like any other type of photography, abstract photography does require the photographer to have some fundamental skills. In that regard, it is no different than any other field of photography. The main skill is the ability to recognize subjects that will make a good abstract image. Some of the things that you want to look for are intriguing colors, curves, shapes, or patterns. These often provide great abstract opportunities. In other words, look for saturated colors, elegant curves, interesting shapes, or unusual patterns


A couple of techniques that work well when creating abstract images are blurring and moving in close. The blurring technique is one of the few times in photography where you want to blur the image. This can produce a dreamy or romantic feel to the image. Not surprisingly, this technique does not work well with all subject matter. Consequently, you need to be careful to pick an appropriate subject for this technique. If a subject doesn't lend itself to a romantic or dreamy feel, it is best not to use this technique. The blurring can be achieved by putting something in front of the lens (such as panty hose) or intentionally moving the camera during the exposure. Other photographers prefer to add the blur when enhancing the image in the computer.

Moving in close is also a very good technique for creating great abstract images. It is probably one of the most popular abstract photography techniques. The purpose of this technique is to get you close enough to the object that you are photographing that you will only photograph part of the object. You might try photographing a small piece of a leaf. You could also photograph just a few pedals of a flower. Finally, you could photograph a few raindrops on a small section of a spider's web. It's really up to you. All you need to do is to use your imagination.

Try Things Out

You need to try out a lot of different things to find the ones that create the really impressive images. If you are using a digital camera, you have a big advantage. With a digital camera, you can take lots of shots. With digital, there really is no cost for taking a lot of images. Another advantage of digital is the monitor. It enables you to see the results of your work right away. This enables you to re-shoot if necessary.


Of course, there is the most important point of all, Make sure that you have a lot of fun. At this point, it is about time to go out and look for some great abstract image opportunities. Then, make sure to show them to everybody. After all, you will definitely want to share your success.

Abstract photography is a vast area of photography. This article only covered a few of the basics. There are many other abstract photography skills that you can develop that will help you create even better abstract images. The next step is yours to take. Just click Abstract Photography Skills.

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