Creating Beautiful Abstract Photography Images

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Creating beautiful images is easier when you know a few photographic techniques. This is especially true for abstract photography. Consequently, this short article covers four techniques that work well for producing abstract images. The techniques that will be covered are selective focus, light and shadows, curves, and texture. The real key is to practice these techniques on all sorts of objects. The more you practice, the better you will become.

Using Selective Focus to Direct the Viewer's Attention

Selective focus is one of the most common techniques used when creating abstract images. This can create some very interesting photos. A narrow depth of field is accomplished by the selection of a big aperture. The camera is then focused on the center of interest of the image.

When utilizing selective focus, there are a couple of ways that the technique can be made more effective. The first thing is to make certain that color of the area that's in focus is different than the rest of the image. Second, curves may be used to help direct the viewer's attention to the center of interest.

The Interplay of Light and Shadows

As photographers, we are frequently advised to concentrate on the light. We may start to think almost exclusively in terms of the light. However, this is an incorrect view because light and shadows are inseparable. Shadows are not merely a dark mass that borders the light. The shadows intermingle with the light to produce dramatic photo opportunities. The interplay of light and shadows plays an especially important role in many abstract images.

The shadows' primary role with this particular technique is to intermingle with the light in such a way as to emphasize the shapes of the forms. As a result, it is vital that forms that seize ones' attention be used in abstract images. Then, the shadows are used in a way that makes the forms stand out.


When creating abstract images, the proper use of curves can add significant impact to a photo. The curves have the most impact when they stand out in an image.

The curves should be either graceful or dynamic. It is imperative that the curves flow together smoothly. Curves that run through an image in a reckless manner do not enhance the image.

Adding Interest with Texture

Texture may be used in a way very much like curves. Oftentimes, texture and curves are used simultaneously. The more the texture stands out in an image, the more it can be used to successfully add impact to the image.


With these four techniques, you have a good start on creating some intriguing abstract images. Then again, there is much more to the subject of abstract photography.

To discover more, all you have to do is take a look at All About Abstract Photography.

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