Create Your Own Statement through Picture Frames

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You still remember your child screaming with excitement while gasping for breath when she won a competition in her school. It was the moment that created such elation in your heart that you can still feel when you think about it. You have preserved that precious moment in a pricey picture frame but as time passed, the picture started to look gloomy with the darkening of the picture frame. Was protecting the picture your sole objective when you encased it in that costly frame? Did you consider the decorative aspect or just followed the old concept of using picture frames?

Precious moments, when encased in photo frames, become more than just pictures. They speak charm of the bygone era and the glory of the past that we had been through. It is the pictures that keep memories alive for years to come and it is the picture frames that keep the pictures as fresh as the memories themselves.

When searching for the perfect picture frames, there are a few things that you should take into account. First, you should see the photo very minutely. The kind of picture it is will have a great impact on the kind of frame that you should pick for it. Just as pictures, frames also say a lot. If chosen the wrong one, your picture frames can speak the entire wrong statement.

Are you looking for a theme based hue of pictures along your living room wall? If yes, then you will have to choose the photo frames as per your living room décor. Something contrary to it will create a complete mismatch. If you want theme, bring theme into your décor. The theme of the picture frames should complement the picture itself; otherwise, it is a big no-no.

Choose the picture frames based on a certain topic or subject. If you want to display your child's photos, and it happens that your child is into a particular sport, the photo frames should be chosen accordingly. Say for example, if your son loves to play tennis, choose picture frames that are connected to tennis in some or the other way. Frames with the faces of eminent tennis players embossed on them, will be good for encasing and displaying such pictures.

If you do not like to clutter the walls with a series of photo frames , choose a shelf or a tabletop where you would be placing those photos. If it does not go with your home décor, choose something that does. That is because, whatever you do, you just cannot make it clash with your home décor.

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