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I'm not very computer savvy. Lets just say that the remote control has to many moving parts for me. So if you can imagine that, then the thought of creating an app for my iPhone, was a little overwhelming. I've had an iPhone ever since they came out. Always getting the newest version as soon as it hit the stores. Having a decent job gives me this advantage, having what I want and spoiling myself is always nice.||Now back to the subject and enough about my personal situation. I love the new iPhone 4 phone and think it is a great phones ever invented. Being able to download just about anything I want is the best.||However, there was a few things I was wanting to do but they just didnt have the app for it. So I would constantly be looking to see if any one created the particular apps I was needing. But to no avail.||Then I had one of those eureka moments, why not make an app to do this for me. I figured with the information at my disposal, I would be able to make my own app. So I decided to give it a try. I also decided that if successful, I would sell my app at the App Store and see if I could make any money at the same time.||The more I thought about it the more excited I became as I thought of ways I could benefit from others using my app. I could make money on every purchase others made. This had to be a good idea so I started looking for the tools needed to make my own iPhone app.||Not to drag this story out but, the question of "How To Make An App" is easy to say but in reality, the process was and still is way beyond my skills at the time. In fact, in my opinion, the only people who can make apps for the iPhone and iPads are computer geeks with years of programming knowledge. Boy was I wrong.||After searching for hours on end for the tools and information I needed, I came across a great resource that did allow me to make my own app, without having any programming experience. All I needed was the idea, a can-do-attitude and this resource would ensure my app was created and to my specifications. And before I knew it, I was making money. Nice.||So if this is something that would interested you and you have some ambition, then by all means take advantage of this wonderful resource. You won't be disappointed.||If you want to learn "How To Create An App" then this is the best resource available. }}

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Do you have an great app idea for iphone but dont know how to program or market your idea, then this is a great resource.
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