Create a Presence Using an International Toll Free Number

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If your company serves communities outside of your main service area, or if you are entering a new market, consider using virtual phone numbers to create a local presence. A virtual number allows you to advertise a local number to the community while call forwarding takes care of routing those calls to you – wherever you may be.

This strategy allows callers to reach your company without incurring toll charges and leaves callers with an impression that your business is located in the same community. When your company uses virtual numbers instead of its main phone number from a distant city, state, or country, local callers can dial a phone number that is local to them. These callers do not see a toll charge on their phone bills. The result is similar to using an 800 number but with a key difference in how callers perceive the business.

Local Call Forwarding
In areas that are geographically close, but with multiple area codes, using virtual phone numbers and a call forwarding service allows businesses to establish local presences in all of the area codes that they service. For example, Los Angeles County has 22 area codes. A business that serves the entire Los Angeles region could present itself as a local company to all area residents by setting up virtual phone numbers for each area code in the county. While the main office may be in downtown Los Angeles, customers calling from outlying areas would feel as though they’re calling a branch office in their neighborhoods.

Global Call Forwarding
Global call forwarding takes this same concept to the worldwide level. Let’s say that your US-based company wants to serve international clients in Australia, China, and the United Kingdom. Your existing toll free number isn’t supported by those countries, so you will need to set up an international toll free number for each country. Like traditional phone call forwarding, international call forwarding provides callers within those countries a local toll-free phone number for their countries. The call is then forwarded to your designated phone number in the United States.

How Global Call Forwarding Works
With an international toll free phone number and phone call forwarding set up in each of your targeted countries, callers in Australia, China, and the United Kingdom will feel as if they are dialing a company located within their own countries – and they will not have to pay long distance charges to reach your company in the U.S.

As with traditional toll free phone calls, your company pays all forwarding and toll charges for local and long distance call forwarding services. These charges are based on the country’s long distance rates as well as the length of the call, typically in minutes. Just as your company pays for the cost of toll free calls your customers make within your country, it also pays the cost of the calls made using the international toll free number.

If you have customers in any region of the world or if you intend to enter a new local or global market, establishing a local presence doesn’t necessarily require moving into a brick-and-mortar building. Instead, use local and international toll free numbers and call forwarding to create a local presence and serve your customers no matter where they may be. offers virtual phone numbers and call conferencing services for locations around the world. Choose a local phone number from over 79 countries and set it up to forward to your landline or mobile phone.

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