CreaClip- claims to change your look in some minute.

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In India you can find many remote areas that are surrounded by forests, mountain, rivers, and valley and eventually by villagers. Since my childhood I was brought up in such places that were either surrounded by mountains or forests. My father was an army officer, was a reason to get his transfer done to that places which were surrounded by hills, valley and rivers. During my childhood I used to take a small boy hair-cut, but as I grown up and started knowing about hair styles, I wanted to stop visiting road side saloons anymore and started growing my bang, cutting them and trimming them myself, but unfortunately I couldn’t get my imaginary style. I was able to give my hair a desired look by myself as the years spent by, but it had been very time taking activity for me and somewhat burdensome too.

However, now the development in every state of India we can get good hair cutting parlors at every single street, market and lane, but honestly if I say, still I am hesitate to visit there, as somehow I don’t feel satisfied with the cutting and trimming I get there and some of those parlors which are carrying professional and trained people really cost you so much for even small cut. It might be as of my built in psychology since years.

Anyways, may be the story resembles with the great person Mai Lieu ‘s story but peoples are very grateful to him that he has created such product [Crea Clip] that not only save your time and money but it is also able to give you stunning look.

Brief about CreaClip:

Mai Lieu has introduced Crea Clip for today's guys to maintain the style of their hair, no matter where they are going. The full packet of Crea clip set can be found with -
1 large clip for cutting long hair into layered cuts
1 small clip for cutting and trimming the bangs
1 guidance manual

The clips come along with the inbuilt combs to brush your hair well. The clips have a feature of a steady and strong locking technology so that you can adjust the clip in your hair for the desired length and get a perfect cut without having any mistake or difficulties of holding them.
The crea clip comes with a liquid filled indicator for customer to know whether the clip is perfectly placed on your hair or not. There is a tiny bubble inside the indicator that can easily noticeable. While placing the crea clip on your hair have a look on the movement of the bubble, if the bubble stays in the middle of the indicator then think your Crea clip is placed in a perfect way on your hair. If you want a desired look you can simply rotate the liquid tube and check its movement to get the same look.

Trust me, use once definitely it will be your ideal product for your hair.

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