Crafting Can Equal Quality Family Time At Home

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Some parents are naturally good at crafts. Others are doing well to not spill the paint or knock over the glue. No matter which group you fall into, crafting with your kids can be beneficial for all involved.

Few things bring families together like crafting. Here are some of the good things that come out of crafting with your kids.

* Crafting encourages creativity. Developing minds need a creative outlet, and crafting provides the opportunity for kids to get imaginative with new materials. It helps them learn to solve problems, and could create a desire for a lifetime of interest in art. For parents, getting creative can help reduce stress and promote using the brain in ways that we don't have a reason to use it every day.

* Crafting encourages kids to follow instructions or directions. This seems like a very basic skill, but how many adults do you know who don't seem to be able to follow directions well. When kids create and make crafts, they learn the results of not following instructions when their projects do not turn out as expected. Children then learn how important it is to follow instructions from the beginning to get the project right..

* For pre-school children, crafting is fabulous for learning basic skills. Almost any type of craft develops good hand-eye coordination. Kids can also learn to use crafting tools such as scissors and glue sticks, learn to measure and balance proportions, and do lots of other things they will eventually do in everyday life.

* Parents and children have a chance to chat together. In our busy lives, it seems that we know less about our children than our parents knew about us. Passive activities such as watching TV do little to encourage conversation. But when you're crafting together, talking comes naturally. You can seize the opportunity to discuss such things as your child's worries or concerns, and how he's doing in school.

* Crafting is a great way to wind down. It's wonderful for kids to be active, but there are times when they need to calm down. If you find your child getting agitated or exhibiting an overabundance of energy near bedtime, try bringing out the craft supplies. Crafting engages kids' minds, giving them something to focus on and a good reason to sit still for a while.

* Creating things nurtures self confidence. Parents who craft a lot know the feeling of satisfaction and pride when a project is finished. Multiply this feeling by ten, and you have a pretty good idea of how your child feels when they have finished and see the results. For kids, crafting can help build positive self-esteem.

* Working on a project together is a great way to teach your kids teamwork. This will help them develop skills needed to solve disputes rationally and in a calm manner. It will also help them find their strengths and teach them that doing their best will make the entire project turn out better.

* Crafting makes memories of fun times for families to remember. The finished product will make you smile when you remember the fun time you spent together.

Crafting as a family provides opportunities for us to socialize with our children. It is also a valuable learning experience for them. Don't concern yourself if you are not that good at crafting. Simply being willing to try anyway is a lesson to your kids in itself.

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