Craft Projects – Top 25 Uses for Your Ribbon

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Craft Projects – Top 25 Uses for Your Ribbon

Whether you have ribbon left over from Christmas, have just accumulated spools and spools from your scrapbooking projects, or have a secret addiction to buying cute ribbon, there is a way for you to put it to good use!

Ribbon is a fairly inexpensive craft item, making it easy to get carried away. Every time you visit your local craft store there are new styles, colors and sizes to choose from. Instead of letting your ribbon addiction take over your life, let it take over your crafts by trying out these 25 ways to use your ribbon.

25 Ways to Use Your Ribbon

1. Stamp on plain colored ribbon to create a completely new and personalized look.
2. Create ribbon flowers and attach your “petals” with a button or rhinestone in the center.
3. Tie ribbon in bows and put on your homemade cards.
4. Tie spools around gift boxes and packages as a fancy decoration.
5. Use ribbon to personalize the bottom of a lampshade. Tie around the base with a bow to match your space.

6. Embellish your ribbon with buttons and tie around your wrist as a bracelet.
7. Spice up your ponytail by wrapping it with a ribbon bow or use it as a headband to coordinate with your outfit.
8. Tie ribbon around a vase to create a playful piece.
9. Add ribbon around the base of a cake to create an elegant and classy finish.
10. Tie leftover ribbon pieces on the rings of a spiral notebook.
11. Weave together strips of ribbon to create one-of-a-kind placemats for your kitchen table.
12. Frame your photos with coordinating or contrasting ribbon.
13. Thread through cardstock and tie in a loop to create a personalized gift tag.
14. Tie ribbon around jars in your kitchen to create a personalized and practical decoration.
15. Sew ribbon on the edges of your pillow cases and bed sheets to match your bedroom.
16. Hang a long piece of ribbon and use it to store and showcase your earrings and hair barrettes.
17. Tie back your curtains with coordinating ribbon to let in extra light and to add a decorative touch.

18. String your ribbon with beads to create a homemade necklace.
19. Tie different ribbons into bows and use to decorate your Christmas tree instead of ornaments.
20. Cut a strip of ribbon to create a cute bookmark for your favorite novel.
21. Use thick ribbon as a belt to coordinate with any outfit.
22. Tie around the binding of a scrapbook or photo album to personalize it.
23. Tie ribbon around napkins to create inexpensive napkin holders for your next party.
24. Use as inexpensive embellishments on your favorite scrapbooking pages.
25. Make your own French ribbon board to showcase your photos and keepsakes.

After you’ve implemented all these great ideas to use your ribbon, it should free up some space in your craft room for some new spools. Guess it’s time to go shopping at your nearest craft store again!

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