Crackle Finish is Useful

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Why has there suddenly become an interest in making things look vintage? There are plenty of ways to make things look old. It is important that you buy some crackle paint for this. It's a very popular painting technique, but have you ever seen a whole room painted with the crackle look?

You can rely on this style of painting.

Make a wall look a bit older with this style of painting. Do not forget to get some drop cloths, latex satin wall paint, paint brush for latex paint, roller and roller cover, crackle medium, and masking tape.

Let the walls dry at least overnight after you put a base coat of latex paint. You can create a two color wall with one shade showing through the crackle finish if you use a base coat with a satin finish. It will be possible to buy crackle finish in a quantity that you require.

Depending on the project you are working on, you can apply the crackle finish at one time. If you are doing furniture, apply the crackle finish in sections. Use the masking tape to mask off any section that you do not want the paint to get to. It is a brush or roller that you need to apply the paint with.

Never roll on crackle finish if you have yet to cut in the edges of the walls. You only need to leave the paint for an hour for it to dry. The time to put the top coat of paint on the walls is when the crackle finish has dried. It will not be good for the crackle finish to be left to dry for an extended period of time. It is possible for the latex satin paint top coat to be applied using two methods.

What you need is a natural sea sponge and it will give you hairline like cracks but if you want bigger cracks, go for a regular paint brush to get the results you want. It is still quite effective to use a brush for large surfaces like walls. It is much simpler to paint a wall as compared to applying crackle.

At one end of the wall, start applying a coat of the crackle. One or more applications of paint after the crackle is applied will only cause the cracks to be erased and you will end up with a mess.

With long strokes that went in a straight direction from the ceiling to the floor, we painted our walls with crackle finish. We made sure that we only did one section at a time. You can say that we were no experts in this endeavor. But one of the best ways to learn is to read the manufacturer's recommendations on the label.

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