Cover Crops and Striptill Farming: Turning Fortune Tables In Favor

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Are you too one of those who are planning to quit the farming profession because of decreasing annual return and increasing inputs cost? If yes, you are not the only one, there are thousands of farmers who are thinking one same ground. But this is not the ultimate way to improve your financial condition. Switching over from farming to another profession does not guarantee the financial growth and many farmers may confirm this experience they had after switchover. Trying to make the farming more profitable by modern and proven techniques is better way to improve financial gain. Cover crops and striptill are two farming techniques that have transformed the lives of individual farmers and farm owners.

You may say that you have already heard used both of these. During recent surveys conducted by numerous survey companies, it came to light that most of farmers don’t do the farming in right way. Their farming style deviates from standard style either in a bid to reduce the inputs’ cost or because of lack of equipments. Lack of complete knowledge is another major reason for their failure. If you are innovative and determined to survive and grow in farming trade, there are no barriers. Governments in all the countries are supporting the farmers by extending easy to pay loans that too at very low interest rates.

Cover crops are known as gap crop also. These are being used since centuries. These were had during the gap period between two main crops. Until couple of decades back, the cash return from these crops was almost nil but now these can be sold at good price. The residue of these crops is left in the field to get converted into green manure. It means that you get double return from the gap crops. You too might have used these crops and may not be satisfied with the return but some common reasons are responsible for this failure. Soybean, Corn, hairy vetch and rye etc are widely used cover crops.

Striptill is used to save the expenses on tillage as well as to reduce the irrigation needs. Under this method, strips are made throughout the field. Liquids fertilizers, water and chemicals directly reach to plant roots; it means reduction in wastage and reduced farming cost. Strip farming is environment friendly because farming land emits lower carbon. Though this task seems easier but it is not so, it needs perfection in making the strips of right size. Striptill needs especial equipments.

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