Cosmetics and Basic Skin Care

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Cosmetics and skin care have two different functions but it is necessary to use them in conjunction with each other for best results. Cosmetics are used primarily to cover up any blemishes and to enhance our overall appearance. They are also a great confidence booster as generally people feel they look better when they use cosmetics. However, it is really important to ensure that we use basic skin care whether or not we use cosmetics to maintain and even improve the quality of our skin.

The first step in skin care is to know your skin type and also be aware that skin type can change over the years or even at different times of the year. This is important to ensure that you use the correct products that suit your skin type.

To identify which type of skin you have just clean your face with warm water, dry it gently then wait for about 20 minutes. Then, using good quality white tissue paper, wipe your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin individually and examine the tissue. If an oily residue appears in any of these areas it means that your skin is oily in that area so for example if there is oily residue just in the T bar zone, i.e. forehead and nose then you have combination skin, all over - oily skin, no oil - normal skin and just a very small amount of oil all over - normal skin. You will probably already be aware if you have sensitive skin as it tends to react to even simple things such as temperature changes but will react to many skin creams and cosmetics.

Looking after our skin is a long term process - 5 minutes morning and evening - both are really important and generally it will take time to see results.
So the first step in basic skin care is to cleanse. Ensure you use a good quality cleanser suited to your skin type. Gently massage a small amount of cleanser onto the face and neck. Dampen some cotton wool with water and gently wipe off the cleanser. You will be amazed at how much make up and grime will come off. Next, dampen some more cotton wool, apply toner to the cotton wool then gently wipe you face; again you may see some residue of make up still coming off at this stage - toning also brings the blood to the surface which will brighten the skin. Next you must moisturise to soften and smooth the skin and rehydrate. It is really important to apply a good moisturiser with spf of 15 or more to protect your skin from the elements.
If you wish, you can also use a skin booster or serum which will boost the skin and leave it feeling very silky - this should always be used in conjunction with a moisturiser as they both have different functions. Serums are very effective when using cosmetics as the make up becomes a lot easier to apply.

Once your skin is clean and properly moisturised you will achieve a much greater impact from the cosmetics you use. Many people do not use cosmetics to their best advantage so it is always a good idea to get a make up lesson from a reputable agent. You may be amazed at how much information you could learn and some stores even give mini make up lessons free of charge.
Always look at the ingredients of cosmetics before you purchase them to make sure you are not using ingredients that could be detrimental to your skin. Also make sure you know exactly how to use the cosmetics that you buy and make sure that they will suit the purpose that you bought them for before you leave the shop. The agents are usually quite knowledgeable about the products that they sell.
Why not check out this cleansing system for use before applying cosmetics.

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