Cosmetic Surgery To Get The Looks That Kill

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Gone are the days when beauty was largely a matter of genetics. Man's quest for beauty has been ageless. Beauty has been associated with success and power. There are theories which say that if Cleopatra had an ugly nose, the fate of the Roman Empire would have been completely different. In her day, other woman could only look at awe at Cleopatra and wish they could do something to be as beautiful. In our day, we have real action plans to achieve this goal. The tool that we use in the process is called cosmetic surgery. Let's delve into the details.

Does Beauty Really Lie In The Eye Of The Beholder?

While it is true that beauty is largely a matter of perception, it is also true that there are certain common aesthetic traits that are liked by human beings across cultures. The traits are symmetry and proportion. Simply put, if a line was drawn vertically across your body, one half should be an exact mirror image of the other. The closer it is to exactness, the more beautiful you are. Also, the facial and bodily features should be in proportion. Leonardo Da Vinci had identified this proportion and he called it the Divine Proportion. It is highly unlikely that we are that exactly proportionate and symmetrical. Very few people are naturally. But we have our cosmetic surgeon to fall back upon!

The Concept of Self Image

Since the above definition of beauty is accepted cross culturally and even by children who have no idea about the real world it is truly all pervasive. As we grow up, based on our conformance with these features, we are treated by the world. Soon, we form a self image of ourselves. This image largely drives what we believe we can or cannot do. The number one reason people get cosmetic surgery done is to enhance self image. What matters most is how you perceive yourself. This gives you confidence and confidence as we all know is a precursor for success. The top on the list of cosmetic surgery benefits is not an improved face or nose or breasts but an improved feeling about oneself.

The Impact of Self Image

Self image truly sets long lasting beliefs within a person. A young girl who begins believing she is ugly or unlovable is more likely to find less attractive mates. This is because she will be so low on confidence that when she approaches a potential attractive mate, she will never be able to display her true personality. He will most likely perceive her as boring and unappealing. Surgery, therefore, also has the potential to make you entertaining or exciting to others!

Social Acceptance

Since you will adhere to pre-defined beauty norms after your cosmetic surgery, both you and the society will have the same perception that you are beautiful. You will feel like a queen, be treated like a queen by other people, and in some time end up being a queen. The meaning of queen should not be taken literally. Any woman who gets desire and appreciation from people that matter to her is a queen in her life and that's what cosmetic surgery enables you to achieve.

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