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Cosmetic Surgery in India can be traced in before 800 BC when Sushruta reconstructed criminals and prisoner’s noses and earlobes that have been separated. He uses to perform cosmetic surgery even then with basic physiotherapy before the operation. All the principles of surgery like accuracy, precision, economy, hemostasis and perfection were followed at that time too. It is again gaining popularity in India due to following reasons:
• Growing medical tourism in India
• Internationally trained and expert professionals
• Cheap cosmetic surgery in India
Indian market offers equally advanced technology and high quality procedures compared to other major industrialized countries and sometimes in just one-tenth of the price as compared to western hospitals. From hair restoration to rhinoplasty, breast surgery to face lifts and liposuction surgery is India is very much common. The science of plastic surgery has been a gift to the victims of some accident or just those desiring to enhance their bodies. Cosmetic surgery has the ability to transform a whole new look for somebody by reshaping it or improving the body parts.
Liposuction is one such procedure which is used to remove small bulges of the body to improve its shape. Sometimes these bulges just do not go due to hereditary reasons and any exercise or diet does not prove to be of any worth. Liposuction surgery in India has become very common due to increasing demand of people getting more concerned about their looks and having a desire to get perfect body shape. The most common areas used to treat are hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and face. The surgery only removes the fat portion of the body and not the cellulite. It is very necessary to consult the surgeon for all the information regarding effectiveness and safety of the procedure before going into any type of surgery.
Cosmetic surgery in India is possible with world class medical facilities, trained and experienced professionals with an opportunity to take a holiday in one of the most romantic and beautiful destination at much cheaper costs. For any kind of cosmetic surgery in Delhi, Dr. Vijay Kakkar is a very well known name around. He did his specialization in Plastic Surgery from PGI Chandigarh and is a member of International college of Cosmetic surgeons. He has given various lectures at local, regional, national, and international meetings of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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