Cosmetic Packaging: Important Facets to Be Considered

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Every product that is launched in the market today entices consumers by making tall promises. There are various brands in cosmetic stores that are vying for the attention of potential customers. Many products in the market may not succeed in grabbing the interest of shoppers because reaching customers is becoming increasingly difficult. Product packaging has the potential to be one of the most effective means to communicate directly with consumers and drive bottom-line growth. That is one of the main reasons why retailers seek unique means to create and promote an impressive packaging solution that stands out from the rest.

Brands need a unique personality that creates an emotional connection with customers as it is the vital ingredient for success. Connecting with consumers is essential because having a great product is no longer enough. While quality will always be the most significant factor for success, the speed of innovation and the multitude of choices facing consumers have resulted in an overwhelming number of undifferentiated brands. To evoke a positive emotional response from a consumer, even a successful brand has to have a great concept. Only then can packaging be used as a vehicle to transcend the product. Some of the important facets of cosmetic packaging that need to be considered by manufacturers are:

Design for Visual Appeal – Appealing color and design generate enough curiosity and interest for a customer to take a look at the product again. When there is a plethora of products available, it is attractive packaging that can save a product from being ignored and overlooked. Design is perhaps the most important element in the product development process because it is where brands communicate with consumers.

Protection – As the primary purpose of packing is to protect and preserve contents, it is never a good idea to sacrifice function for visual appeal. It is best to opt for packaging material that helps to prevent its contents from spilling or leaking. No matter how trendy or visually appealing the packaging of a cosmetic may be, if it doesn’t serve its purpose it is of no use. For instance, if liquid dispensers or airless pump bottles are crushed, torn or defective, the
product will not only spoil but the brand identity of the particular product will be severely damaged also.

Communication – The packaging should contain the necessary details about the product for consumers to determine if the product is safe for them to use. The packaging should be designed in such a way that customers are able to easily locate and read information about the product. The packaging should contain directions on how to use a product and preferably in more than one language.

Distinctive and unique packaging for cosmetics helps manufacturers to make their products unique from competitors’. Today cosmetic packaging is no longer a simple container in a plain box but the most important deciding factor between product success and failure. Though the primary objective of cosmetic packaging is to contain, protect and preserve cosmetic products, it has attained far greater importance than in the past. Cosmetic packaging now plays a critical part in building brand identity and image.

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