Cosmetic eyelid surgery

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Chemical facial peel is a treatment to improve the texture of the skin by removing the dead skin
using chemical and eventually the dead skin is peeled off. The skin that is regenerated is softer and
less wrinkled than the dead skin. The use of chemicals could also be without a medical license but
professional help is advised.
There are different types of chemical facial peeling depending upon the chemicals. Chemicals called as
alpha hydroxyl acid peels are naturally occurring from the sugarcane which produces acids including
the carboxylic acid and the glycolic acid. It can also be mixed with facial wash or cream to improve the
texture of the skin. However, this type of chemical is not used for the treatment of wrinkles.
Alpha hydroxyl peels are now being replaced by the beta hydroxyl acid peels because of its ability to get
deeper inside the pores of the skin. It also controls oil and acne. Along with it, removal of the dead skin
is far better than the AHA as the AHA only works on the skin surface.
The next chemical used is called as jessner's peel named after DR .Jessner. It contains 14% salicylic acid,
lactic acid, and resorcinol in a ethanol base. It is believed to break the intracellular bridges between
Acid formed from retinoid is called as retinoic acids. This is performed under a plastic surgeon or a
dermatologist in a medical spa setting. The patient leaves with the chemical peel solution on their face
and the process of peeling starts on the third day.
Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is used as an intermediate to deep peeling agent in concentrations ranging
from 20 50%. When the concentration of the chemical increases the depth of the penetration
increases. Concentration higher than 35% is not recommended because of the high risk of scarring. This
chemical is preferred for dark skinned patients. It reduces the fine surface wrinkles. The superficial
blemishes are removed by it. It also corrects the skin pigment problems. But, it requires pre treatment
with retina -A or AHA creams. Repeated treatment is needed to maintain results. Sun block is a must use
to several months. Several days are needed for healing depending upon its depth.
Phenol is said to be the strongest of the chemicals for deep skin peel. It corrects blotches caused by sun
exposure or aging. It softens deep wrinkles. The pre cancerous cells are removed by it. it can lead to
heart problems. It also could diminish the production of skin pigments.
The complication includes prolonged erythematic, pigmentary changes , millia , skin atrophy and textual
changes over the skin.
For AHA, no painkillers are needed. No painkillers are used for AHA. Anesthesia is not required for TCA
but, painkillers are given. Phenol requires general anesthesia.
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