Corporate and Science current affairs

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Corporate news and Science current affairs are an important part of the current affairs section, and provide us with information regarding the stand of our country in the international market or the challenges in the science field, various discoveries and inventions. One can also take up science and corporate current affairs quizzes in order to know more about the success of its country.

Corporate current affairs:

One of the major strikes in the corporate world. 86,000 commercial and lakh of co-operative banks will be going on strike during the parliament session in order to protest against the concessions given to private banks in the new budget announced.

The ripples of the massive earthquake that struck Japan recently, will be seen in the corporate world, with the fall of the world’s third greatest economy, i.e. Japan. The affect is much deeper and will remain longer than expected. Power outrages and high taxes can hurt companies and household real bad.

One of the major steps taken by the world’s second largest private sector lender, HDFC, as it has decided to hike up the fixed deposit rates by up to 100 basis point and lending rates by 50 basis point in accordance to the on going industry trend. Well, the lenders need to look for some place else.

Business is talking everywhere, as the Somali pirates reduce their amount of ransom demand to get a faster turnover of ships they have hijacked in the Indian Ocean. A big gang of pirates had been hijacking the ships from vast areas of Indian Ocean; now say they need a quicker way of income.

Many of the minority shareholders in the Zambian unit of Bharti airtel are angered with the company, as they say that there delisting was pre planned.

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Science Current affairs

One of the major current affair in the science section has turned out to be a great relief to the US, as it is confirmed that the radiations released from the nuclear plant in Japan due to the most tragic Earthquake that took place their, will not reach US and would not possibly hard its residents.

Another major impact of the Japan earthquake could be on the prices of flash memory chips used in smart phones and tablets, as their price might go rocket high.

Sony corp. would be promoting Kazuo Hirai as the head of the company’s biggest division. Another name in the current affairs quizzes section!

Internet video firm Hulu is planning to reduce the size of its board in an attempt to streamline decision-making within the venture.

These science and corporate current affairs can be good material to be asked in science quizzes or corporate quizzes, one should read all news thoroughly as they might help you understand the global world through a wide perspective and help you also prepare for your exams.

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