Corner and Wall Cushioning

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The well-being and safety of a child is understandably a major concern to any parent and although there is the old and very true saying that “You cannot wrap them up in cotton wool”, there are other precautions that can be taken to ensure that a child is able to play happily in a safe environment.

Nevertheless, safety does not only apply to young children, many people of all ages each year are injured by walking into, colliding with or falling onto sharp edges such as the corners of tables and walls. There is, however, a selection of easy to apply and durable safety cushioning for corners and walls available in a selection of colours suitable for any purpose.

Corner Protection
Sharp edges, such as the corners on tables, stairs and counters, can be dangerous and cause injury if someone were to fall on them. However, a range of safety cushioning is available which can help to dramatically reduce the risk of injury resulting from collisions, trips and falls onto sharp corners. This cushioning, made from an integral urethane skin rather than common PU material, complies with safety regulations and is quick and easy to install.

Such corner padding is suitable for a wide variety of applications and comes in a range of colours accordingly. For example: red, yellow, green and blue for use in kindergartens, schools, theme parks or even just around the home and white, brown and grey for use in hospitals, retirement homes and public buildings.

Wall Padding
As with the corner cuhioning, wall cushioning is quick and easy to install and it’s thickness makes it highly durable, being resistant to shocks and scratches. This cushioning is also available in a spectrum of colours for any required purpose from schools and amusement parks to public places and sports areas.

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