Coping With Teen Depression and ADHD

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The reality of teenage years is that they often represent an emotional rollercoaster. Teenagers go from an all-time high to the lowest low in a matter of hours and may have the tendency to dramatize everything. Parents are well aware of that and most of the times ignore the fact that their children may be on the verge of teen depression. It isn't uncommon for teenagers themselves to be unaware of the fact that their emotional state is delicate.
Symptoms of teen depression resemble those of adult depression. They include depression mood, a change in eating habits, tendency towards being alone, withdrawal from social activities. They may also have trouble sleeping, the ability to feel pleasure may disappear and they can often think about suicide. Such signs of teen depression will eventually appear in different combinations and they are prone to last for more than two weeks. Parents should try to be aware of the emotional state of their children and understand that an occasional pat on the back isn't enough for a child.

For even the most observant parent, teen depression may be hard to diagnose. It is advisable to monitor teen behavior especially after shocking experiences but also after incidents that may seem minor, at a first glance.

In order to treat teen depression counseling is required. Psychotherapy and sometimes even medication will help your teen cope with his troubles. What the therapist needs to do is find the root of teen depression, eliminate symptoms and provide the necessary tools for the child to surmount his condition.

Offering suport to your child is the only thing you can do. He mustn't go through this alone and your constant care and love will help a great deal. Although many parents fail to remember what problems they themselves encountered while growing up, the reality is that teenage years are more difficult than they may seem. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (or more commonly know as ADHD) is a developmental disorder manifested trough inattention, hyperactivity and forgetfulness. According to some studies it affects about 5% of the world's population. Most of the teens with ADHD are also encountering difficulties with self control.
The hyperactive type of ADHD is easier to notice in childhood. Most of the teens with ADHD are hyperactive, always move around, they are impulsive and generally they do dangerous things without thinking or realizing that their actions come with consequences. But there are different manifestations of the disorder. Some teens with ADHD commonly lose things, don't pay attention to anything and forget anything easily. They are not that active as the other type and sometimes may be considered lazy. This type of ADHD is actually called ADD, because the hyperactivity is missing.

Even dough ADHD is not a server illness, if left untreated it can cause many problems in a persons life. The most affected are teens with ADHD because they can't focus on their school work and can't evolve like other students. Because the patients have very impulsive temper, they might argue a lot with their families and friends. Also, teens with ADHD can become depressed and this can lead to alcohol abuse, drugs or even suicide. It's very hard to detect ADHD, but it can be done with the help of specialized doctors. Even harder is for teens with ADHD because adolescents usually go trough the same symptoms as those with ADHD. It's very hard to make the difference between an adolescent with going trough puberty or a child with ADHD. Once the disorder is been detected, the patient wins half the battle.

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