Cool WoW Tricks

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Little tips that will improve your leveling in wow

World of Warcraft is the biggest miltidimensional games in the world and take hour upon hours to level. Players need some easiness to cover all the obstacles and enemies. Here is some cool WoW tricks to help you out in the game. By using the 'L' key on your keyword you can open the queries session. All the desired information you want to know will easily available over there by putting your questions. Don't get paied out for not knowing where a quest is, instead use this command to answer all your questions about world of warcraft. For the sake of easiness players, confine themselves to know about two professional trade skills i.e. First aid and cookingAlong with these main professions you can also learn tailoring,blacksmithing, enchanting,alcamy etc. Learning skill will let you earn more money and you will be wealthier to avail all the attributes of the game. If you don't pick up a profession, that is good for your raw materials that you collect then you will have to sell them on the AH and purchase the finished good at another time.

Do not forget to use auto run, your auto run key is num lock key. Auto run is useful during checking question log, scrutinizing you inventory and so many uses.

Tame your pets, as they are good friends during a quest. They have many uses to entangle with monsters. Some pets ahve the ability to stop enemies from fleeing.

Every player love priest group as they are helpful after the demise of your character and you turn into a ghost after putting in the graveyard. Priests have a supportive role and use his skill to revive you in the Azerothian world. One of the largest errors that beginners make when they start to play world of warcraft is selecting the right class and race. Players can take any level selecting suitable race regardless of any fear and doubts. If you would like to level in an area which you are not from, say your a human and you want to level in the nightelf area you can but I would suggest that you hit level 5 then head to your capital city. Then find the passage to Teldrassil, the Night Elf homeland and start gathering quests. The small Teldrassil move to the center of the city Darnassus and provides its service and players seldom runs far to complete quests. Doing so, you will get into level 10 or more.

The Alliance races including Night Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes are famous among players. Players trying hard to quest with particular beast and they are helpful in this regard. Some Horde players run slowly on quest at level 25-30 that is why players use Horde for farming purposes. If your interest in hitting level 10 then the best thing to do is pick all the quest up and kill every creep, on the way. If your a Horde player and especially orc or troll then heading to the main city Orgrimmar at level 10 and do the instance run in the city. You will look for the quest while directing to the south from the zeppelin tower to the undead town of Brill. It will expressively shorten your trip to level 10. All cities are a great start when looking at starting to trade with npc as they offer discounts. It's good because the more your reputation improves with the city the lower your price will become.

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