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It is always the way that most of us want to wear something that will be admired by all who see us. This could include our outfits of course, but when we wear some artisan jewelry, it is this that really sets us apart from the crowd. Anyone who has ever seen Sundance jewelry will know what this is all about since these pieces are very unusual indeed. In fact, many will put an outfit together with this as the start point and bring in the different parts of the outfit to set it off rather than the other way around.

Designers who make pieces like this are really rather clever. They make each piece by hand and this means that there will inevitably be variances in the finished product. This is what makes people love the pieces so much since they are unlikely ever to confront anyone else wearing anything remotely like their piece. If anyone has ever seen the catwalk shows on television, they will sometimes notice that the models are wearing some statement necklaces or bracelets. These are usually made up from this kind of outlet since the artisans have showcases online. When a designer sees something that they like, they will liaise with the designer and get them to produce something quite unlike anything that they have made before. Once the show is televised, of course, these pieces are freely available so we, the public, get a chance to wear what the models are wearing too.

Amongst all the pebbles and stones that are used to make up these pieces there will be precious and semi-precious stones aplenty. Not only this, gold and silver wire is also prevalent and some of these materials are used in a great way. Some of the wire is bent in such a way that it encapsulates a free moving stone and this is a very beautiful way to see the stone from all sides.

Linens and leathers are also used amongst the materials and sometimes these are bound with wire too. In fact, any kind of treatment that is available for this kind of piece is used to its best advantage. So clever are these artisans that they can actually make up pieces to order too. They will wrap wire to make up bracelets, earrings and necklaces in any shape or form so that it will give an individual look to the person wearing it.

These pieces make wonderful gifts for a loved one and, since they can be made with someone specific in mind, they are usually well received. Not only that, they are not out of reach for most of us when it comes to price either. Who would not like to receive a piece made specifically for them and at a cost that does not break the bank? Indeed, the person will believe that it cost a whole lot more than it did. How great would that be? Giving a different piece at every occasion would certainly let them know how valued they are.


Stewart Wrighter ordered some artisan jewelry as gifts for his wife and daughter. His wife loved the sundance jewelry she found online.

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