Cooking Range

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A cooking range helps you arrange all cooking functions at one place. This kitchen appliance is fitted with several burners. In addition to the stovetops, it also has the oven. Cooking range may be powered by gas or the electricity or both.

The most popular and in fact, the most economical type of cooking range are the freestanding ones. It measures about 30 inches wide in a standard model and has a cook top above the oven. Deluxe models in this category can have microwave ovens and a hood at eye level. There is panel at the back of the range which has timer, clock and sometimes controls. These cooking ranges can be fitted between cabinets or can drop into a cabinet.

There are slide-in type cooking ranges which has accessories to close the gaps between range and countertop so that no spills can seep into the gaps. If there is nothing to prevent heat or moisture to seep into the wall behind, there should be some kind of protection onto the wall. Drop-in cooking ranges set on the top of the cabinet base. On the top, it overlaps the countertop to avoid any spillage to fall on the cabinet below.

There are commercial ranges and the heirloom ranges also, however, they are expensive. If you entertain regularly and cook large meals on regular basis, then you can go for a commercial range. These ranges are heavy and reach the considerably high temperatures. Also, you need to spend considerable time cleaning it. You can, however, go for a combination of commercial and residential model. Still, they are more expensive. Heirloom ranges offer you the charm of yesteryears but with modern features.

Cooking ranges, operating with electricity, heat up with electric coil. Electric coils heat up fastest and therefore save the energy and its costs. There are dual-watt coils. If you have larger pan to cook in, you can use both coils and for smaller pans, heating of one coil is sufficient.

However, gas operated cooking ranges are more popular among the cooks. These ranges help them control the heat source and more quickly and more efficiently. You can use some of the cook tops as the grille.

There are cooking ranges which have the smooth cook tops. There are ceramic-glass surface, having coils or radiant ribbors beneath them. It is easy to clean but sometimes it can be accidental because burners keep burning beneath.

You can search online to know about various types and models of cooking range.

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