Cooking Prime Rib Can be Fun

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Cooking Prime Rib can be Fun
Cooking a family dinner can be fun and nothing serves up better than a tasty and perfectly cooked prime rib. However, cooking beef to perfection does take some practice and experience and while it may seem a tad daunting, you can easily master the fine "art" of cooking the perfect rime rib!
Prime rib is an excellent choice as a main course -and is always appreciated by guests, which automatically gives you bragging rights as the "host with the most" and if you keep a few handy tips in mind, your next dinner party is sure to be an event that will be memorable, not only for the good company, but also for the tasty food served.
Visiting the butcher and getting that perfect cut of beef is extremely important. Make sure that the beef is top quality USDA Prime Rib. This beef costs more, but it is absolutely worth it. If you are buying your meat at the local supermarket then you should be using USDA Choice cuts.
Trim as much fat as possible off the prime rib, but make sure to leave a protective coating - this will help the meat cook without burning. Too much fat will simply remove from the flavor of the natural juices of the meat and with cuts this tasty there is no need for all that extra fat.

Select a prime rib with at least a three rib bone portion weighing in at about seven to eight and a half pounds which would feed about six people. This works out to about 2 ribs per person or, if you are cooking for more, increasing the portions accordingly, using this method is suggested.
When you are about ready to cook the prime rib, make sure that it is at room temperature before putting into the over - you can usually get it to room temperature by leaving it for about 2 hours or so. Pat the prime rib dry with paper towels and put a little butter on the ends, you can also add salt, pepper and spices if you wish by rubbing the seasonings over the meat.
Use a specifically design pan for cooking your meat and place it with the bones facing down.
Always start your oven at 450 and after 15 minutes or so, reduce it to 325 and keep it at that temperature for the remaining cooking time. It is important to keep the temperature consistent, ensuring that the prime rib does not burn.

Of course, cooking times for the prime rib will vary, depending on the size as well as the desired level of cooking - rare, medium or well done.
By following simple guidelines, cooking your next prime rib will seem like a piece of cake - making you feel as though you are an old pro!

This is for those of you who enjoy cooking roast prime rib. This video will give you step by step directions on how to cook prime rib.

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