Cook Like a Professional With Mycook Induction Blender

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Want some nutritious and sumptuous food? Some real and honest to goodness crap will be available at your own desire. All this however are in your hands and the magic that only Mycook Induction Blender can offer you.

Mycook is a fantastic device that you will surely enjoy. It is the one that will give smile on your face, and tickle a sleeping desire in your heart. You can be a great cook in a minute once you purchase one. A visible difference will happen in no time; wouldn't that be great?
Mycook is "A state of the art" and an incredible product which concerns most about your diet. Mycook is energy efficient and very safe to use so there's nothing worry about; and your food is cooked through Induction technology thus provides security and safety and very quick cooking time.

It comes with a cook book for recipe samples and a DVD to demonstrate how things done because the instruction is step by step for your cooking convenience. However, inventing your own recipe is never a problem; you can even adjust the capacity to cook something that's enough for two or one person. Up to 120 C heating ability since it has 1800 powerful watt motor. All the features are precisely and meticulously installed so everything is handy and no fuss at all.

Knead and Turbo are the extra functions set up in the machine. The turbo is for chopping hard or even frozen meat, and to give a finish touch to purees, cream soups and baby food. The knives are especially designed to stir or cut tender food like asparagus, noodles or fish without destroying it.

Mycook 1.8 or 1.6 Induction Blender, of 5 kg weight gives you a hand of a pro. It has a design of a modern gadget fit to all types of kitchen counter. It can never be replaced by any other gadget of the same kind because mycook will established a friendly atmosphere in every kitchen.

Here are some other feature mycook can provide its customers: It maybe onyx platinum or ruby, with a container that is polycarbonate, brushed with aluminum plastic base, a blade that is stainless steel, with a motors that generates power of 2+peak horse power. Guaranteed 7 years warranty.

It is really incomparable; no other products overshadow mycook for it is one product ever loved by mothers. Preparing and planning tempting food is no more a predicament mycook is at hand ever pleased to give a hand.A wholesome goodness right on your dinning table anytime courtesy of Mycook Induction Blender.

A simple machine which can do an enormous cooking job at the slightest possible time.
Buy one now or you'll lose one half of your precious time. Never be betrayed by the traditional way of cooking when you can do modern and more practical way of preparing your food. Cooking made easy because of my cook!

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