Convert, Store and Share Your Vinyl Contents with USB Turntables

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Incompatibility is soon becoming a word of the past nowadays, with hi-tech incorporated in appliances and equipment, our lives are filled with possibilities galore. Single equipment can perform multiple tasks, for instance, a computer can be used to access the Internet, print documents, play games, music and movies and store them too and even problems like format incompatibility usually faced with the usage of earlier music players are by far solved. Today, most of the players are equipped with combined abilities. A DVD player can usually play DVDs, VCDs and Mp3s and so on.

With so many new hi-tech gadgets flooding the market, the older ones have taken a backseat as there is lesser room for their functionality. In the scene of music, the case of phonographs is an apt example. Although phonographs are being used by DJs to create their tunes and vinyl lovers preserve them like prized possessions, they are considerably becoming extinct. Their modern counterparts being more formidable with better sound quality, convenient archiving and so on are replacing them.

Phonograph records or vinyls were used to serve as a primary medium of reproduction and storage of music before the introduction of disks and storage hard drives. They are fragile and heavy, to be carried around though they are valuable collector’s items. With even more advanced players that offer portability like Mp3 players and iPods, the chances of survival for vinyl records seem even bleaker. So if you have vinyl records that you love and cherish, it might be high time that you do something to preserve their contents before you lose them altogether.

As technology advances, care has been taken to revive the old so that they can still be fitted in and cherished even today. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers are making equipment like the USB turntables. This equipment allows you to transfer music from a record onto a computer, from which it can then be burnt onto an audio CD or stored in the computer's music library. Once burnt onto an audio CD, you can go on and play it in any of your audio players or store it.

So now your old vinyl records' contents that could only be played through gramophones can now be ripped into the computer and then transferred into any of your portable music players. USB turntables therefore, provide a ground breaking and futuristic option for DJs and vinyl owners. There are also various models available with different functions enabled in them.

Some USB turntables can be used as a stand alone record player or to record your vinyl albums to your PC or MAC. They are equipped with stereo speakers that will fill your room with music. Some incorporate functions like the Plug & Play option so you can also just plug it in and play your favorite music.

Some other USB turntable models provide even more options like recording from vinyl records, cassettes or AUX directly to your PC or Mac. They provide the perfect solution for your irreplaceable vinyl or cassette tape collection, stored away for years, gathering dust in your attic, stacked at the back of your closet or forgotten on book shelves. They also come with a sound editor, CD player, AM/FM radio options, etc.

You can find many USB turntable designs at online stores that offer various options and features. Buy from a reliable store that has more options and products. Check and compare the pricing at different stores for a better idea of the appropriate price for a particular model.

The writer is associated with Grace Digital Audio, a renowned online store for quality internet radio wireless speakers and audio archiving products.

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