Contemporary version of earrings - Clip-on earrings

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Earrings have always been a fashion statement for women of all ages. They are even worn by men nowadays. They can be worn on the ear with varying number of earrings on a single ear like one, two, three, etc. When women wear any jewellery set (especially cubic zirconia jewelry), matching earrings are a must or even when they wear no jewellery, earrings matching with their clothes seem essential to them. But there is one problem with earrings, that in order to wear them one has to get her ears pierced. This seems to be a problem as piercing itself causes several health problems.

Although now ear piercing is painless it still causes pain afterwards. To deal with this problem clip on earrings have been around for quite some time. They have a mechanism which gets attached on to the ear and then can as easily be removed as it was worn. These earrings remove the need to get your ears pierced. Clip-on earrings do have a problem that some people find it uncomfortable to wear them for longer periods as they press upon the ear lobes. The solution to this is to find a suitable clip-on earring which is not harsh on the ear lobe. Clip-on earrings come in various sizes just as other earrings and they are made from several materials like steel, gold, silver, etc. Some of them also have gemstones embedded on them like pearls, sapphire, diamonds, etc.

Although some people believe that clip-on earrings are an out dated fashion accessory but it can be noted that they have do come around and once again they are in fashion and find a lot of takers. Ladies which did not have their ears pierced are very fond of these earrings. These earrings are also suitable for old aged ladies as well as for babies for whom it is difficult to get their ears pierced. One more important field in which clip on earrings are being used is to heal the body. They constantly find use in magnetic therapy such as clip-on earrings fitted with tiny magnets can be worn to stimulate blood flow in the body. Some wear these as a part of their religious values.

When buying a clip-on earring one has to remember that these tire the ear lobes if worn wrongly or wearing one which is too heavy or whose mechanism is not comfortable. Earrings are made of metal mostly and they tend to be heavy. Fashion or jewellery stores make them so ornate that although they look beautiful but they tire the ear, so one has to lookout for these. Then there are few types with rubber pads which go easy on the ear and also some of these have clip hooks that look very natural. Apart from these one can buy several other types such as dangles, studs, drop earrings, etc. Clip-on earrings are making a re-entry in the fashion lanes of the world, so look out for them and as soon as possible jump on the bandwagon.

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