Consumers are shopping for Natural Hair Relaxers in This Down Economy

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New studies on consumer behavior indicate that the down economy has prompted consumers to do more research online before making purchases, especially for consumer goods like hair relaxers and hair products.

Consumers are reading labels, comparing prices, searching for competing brands, perusing testimonials and ratings; all in an effort to educate themselves in order to find the right products to meet their specific hair care needs.The reason for this is two-fold.Consumers now have the online resources to comparison shop and receive reviews from their friends and other trusted sources.In addition, they are well aware of every item they purchase while economic times are tough.They are willing to do their homework so that they know which product to purchase for the specific job.

Consumers are also looking for deals and coupons offered online during this economic downturn.Saving $5 here or there really adds up, and savvy shoppers are learning how to stretch their online dollars by looking for coupons and deals, and signing up for e-newsletters that contain specials.

Women who have kinky hair, frizzy hair, or very curly hair are especially interested in finding natural hair relaxers that texturize hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Many chemical hair relaxers on the market today damage hair. Women who have damaged their hair in the past, are especially interested in ensuring the products they purchase will result in healthy hair.It is possible to have beautiful, colored, straightened hair without damaging effects.

Women are searching for a natural hair relaxer that works without damaging their scalp or hair. The reason a natural hair relaxer is the answer is that straightening can be achieved without harsh chemicals. Natural ingredients like alkaline water penetrate without destroying the outer layer (the cuticle) and soften the hair strands. Softening allows curls to elongate or loosen, making hair straighter. After a natural hair relaxer has been applied, hair is softer but still has texture and elasticity. Many natural relaxers fortify the hair with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and restore hair to its natural pH balance. After using a natural hair relaxer and conditioning the hair like this, the hair is actually healthier and can withstand the stress of heat appliances better.

Children should not use any kind of permanent hair relaxer because until they have matured, their hormones can still affect their hair type.

As opposed to a natural relaxer, using a chemical hair relaxer makes it very easy to "over process" hair that has already been relaxed. Over-processing can cause scalp burn and hair to break off. For this reason, it is recommended to use chemical hair relaxers only to new hair growth, and only after about 8 weeks, while natural hair relaxers can be applied all over the head with shorter wait time between applications.In addition, women can enjoy the styling options that result from texturized hair rather than pin straight hair. They can also grow hair longer without fear of breakage.

Sue McCrossin is a free lance writer working to promote the BodipHier from Fresh Look Hair, a natural hair relaxers that is gentle and permanent, straightening hair and providing body without harming the hair shaft. For more information on hair texturizer visit our website.

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