Considering buying a Kindle 2? This Kindle 2 review will help you.

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If you're considering buying a Kindle 2 this Kindle 2 review will help you decide if its the reader for you.

Kindle Review - The Crux

The Kindle 2 is great if you -

1. Read a lot of books OR
2. Travel a lot and want to carry a Kindle 2 reader along instead of lots of books OR
3. Commute daily for work and want to either read (on a train, bus, etc.) or listen to books (in your car, truck etc.) OR
4. The combination of features appeals to you.

If you like it, you can find out more by reading Kindle 2 reviews at Amazon. If you prefer, you can see more Kindle 2 videos and get an idea of how it looks and its features. This review will continue with pros and cons of the Kindle 2.

Do keep in mind that the Kindle 2 is not such a great choice if -

1. You don't read books.
2. You want a multi-purpose device. Kindle 2 is primarily an eBook Reader.
3. You want a very flashy device. You might like the newer look of the Kindle 2 - however, it is not the prettiest device around.

4. You want to read a lot of PDFs and want very high quality conversions.

Kindle Review Pros - Reasons a Kindle 2 might be right for You.

1. Free Internet Access via WhisperNet and there is now extended coverage so your Kindle 2 will have wireless access in more places.
2. You can download a book over WhisperNet in 60 seconds.
3. WhisperSync - read books and synchronize documents across Kindle 1, Kindle 2, and soon across other mobile devices.
4. Read to Me feature. Text to Speech is very cool and should be fun
5. The Kindle 2 is very slim and sleek looking at just 0.3 inches.
6. One of the biggest problems with Kindle 1 was accidentally hitting the page turning buttons, and in Kindle 2 that has been fixed. The buttons are smaller and have to be pushed on the inside edge so holding the Kindle 2 cannot accidentally trigger page turns.
7. You can read blogs, newspapers, and magazines on the Kindle 2.
8. The eInk is easy on the eyes, and when combined with variable font sizes really makes a big difference.

9. You can store up to 1500 books.
10. Up to 6 Kindle 2s and Kindle 1s on one account so you can share with your family and/or close friends.
11. There are loads of free kindle book sites where you can get tens of thousands of free kindle books. Amazon itself has 7,000+ free kindle edition books.
12. You can save trees by reading on Kindle2.
13. Great for airplane travel - Battery lasts really long; it's tiny at 10.2 ounces and 0.3 inches; easy to read even with overhead light.
14. Kindle 2 has an in-built dictionary.
15. The quality of the screen has been improved.
16. Buy books anytime and get them delivered instantly.
17. Can read without having to hold down a book and cause damage to it. Can read with one hand, or use Read To Me feature to read without using hands.
18. From Kindle 1 review, and applies -

Wow - My wife is a stroke survivor, and has lost use of the left side of her body. Reading books has been impossible since she could not hold the book open and turn the pages with only one hand. Kindle has changed all of that for her, and made reading a joy again.

19. Fits easily in your purse; packs easily for a trip.
20. Travel with as many books as you like - just the Kindle 2's 10.2 ounces.
21. From a Kindle 1 review - High praise indeed - the best thing since &
22. You can send your own files to the Kindle 2.
23. The USB can be used to recharge Kindle 2.
24. The Kindle 1 falling out of the case problem has been fixed.

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