Consider short codes for your brand building campaign

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Short codes are especially allocated, shorten codes for a particular mobile or land line number. As suggested by name short codes are normally short and unique numbers or letters representing some other regular ten digit mobile or land line number. Trend of these short codes is increasing day by day.

Companies use short codes for one of the following purposes -

Business generation Use of short codes in bulk sms, mass sms, mass text messaging campaigns for business generation is growing rapidly. Reason is, communication tools are constantly updating and channels are getting updated to achieve new customer experience and monetary value. Huge number of mobile users across the world present a lucrative opportunity for telecommunication service providers.

Bulk sms, mass sms, mass text messaging campaigns use short code due to following advantages -

It improves the trustworthiness of bulk sms, mass sms, mass text messaging campaigns as customer have an idea of the message even before opening the messages.

It develops a brand reputation as customers start associating the short code with the organization itself after some time. So bulk sms, mass sms, mass text messaging with short code can be used as brand building practice as well.

Short code services are not very costly and provide additional advantages with improved campaign response and value. Bulk sms, mass sms and mass text messaging can be used for brand building also.

Conducting SMS contests Many companies conduct sms contests where participants need to sms their answers on a fix short code. This is a well growing business as sending messages to such short codes cost extra then the regular messages cost.

Receive feedback from customers In two way bulk sms, mass sms, mass text messaging campaings where a feed back from the customer is also required short codes are convenient as it is easy for the responder to recall the short code rather then the number itself.

Apart from these services short codes are being used for Database creation, Surveys, Information on demand purposes also. Short codes are company specific means no two organization can have the same short code for the bulk sms, mass sms, mass text messaging and for other types of campaigns.

The short code services play a crucial part in majority of the add campaigns conducted by television advertisers, outdoor publishers, business owners and marketers. Many channels for communication or entertainment are using short code service to increase customer relationship. Many of the banks and other government organization use short code service to communicate or to inform the customers and employees itself.

Following are the unique advantages with few disadvantages while using short codes for your bulk sms, mass sms, mass text messaging campaigns.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Short code means that people can remember the number more easily, unique short code helps in building brand image also.
Increased amount of return on investment.
Short codes are limited to national borders only.
There is a fixed charge for getting a short code.
In few cased premium charges are applicable on the customers also.

A properly chosen short code after doing proper research can bring fruits to the organization and can add many times value to the sms campaign as compared to the cost associated with short codes itself. When brand building is also your objective through sms campaign then short codes plays an improtant role as customer associate short code with the company very soon.

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