Conserve resources and also earn with mobile recycles

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Recycling old mobile phones will certainly play a very important role in the conservation of our natural environment. Although considered only a suggestive count, most recent figures point out that the total number of unused mobile phones in the UK alone is well over 25 million. Now consider the number of such devices in the whole of Europe or the entire world. We can only imagine the amount of crucial material and vital components for manufacturing mobile phones that remain trapped in such devices. Not just the phones that are in working condition but also phones that are non-functional and broken still include many components that can be retrieved. Their extraction and reuse ascertains that we use our resources diligently and not waste them which also means that handset manufacturers will have more cost-effective production enabling the production of more low-cost devices. Mobile recycle is definitely the need of the hour to arrest the increasing amount of pollution.

Why we should not dispose our phones?

Disposing old and unused phones in the open is a very irresponsible act. A mobile phone contains and consists of a number of hazardous materials that include chemicals like Cadmium, Rhodium, Palladium, Beryllium, Lead, Nickel, Mercury, Manganese, Lithium, Zinc, Arsenic, and Copper. With timely decay all these chemicals seep into the surrounding environment thereby polluting it irreversibly. Just imagine how much threat these unused and defunct phones pose towards conserving our environment.

Still, why recycle mobiles?

Sure, you can definitely choose to store your phones as antiquated souvenirs in a secure place and not throw them away carelessly. But you will hardly ever get back to them even if they still are in working condition. You are just too content with your latest one and consider it embarrassing to reuse your old phones. They will just remain unwanted and unused. But consider the fact that there are people all over the world who do not own a mobile phone, more so in the poor and developing countries of Africa and Asia. There will certainly be people in the UK as well who might take a fancy on your unused handset. So it only means that you can extend the life span of your unused phone by simply offering it for recycle. Most recycled handset found in working condition are made available to the people who cannot afford a brand new handset. To top it up you also get to earn cash for recycling mobiles. For good quality latest handsets you can earn well above £100. Even if your phones are broken or damaged you can still make some good out of it and earn some cash. Nothing goes in vain.

Where and how to recycle mobile phone?

There are a number of reputed mobile recycle companies in the UK with years of experience in this field. Most of them offer cash payments on mobile recycles but few also offer gift vouchers and coupons. The internet is the best place to find out the most convenient company for yourself as there are plenty of sites that feature and allow you to compare various deals on phone recycling.

After you have chosen your desired recycling company, you need to fill up certain details online about the phone you want to recycle. After this you just need to post your handset at the stipulated address. You receive your cash within 5-7 days after they get hold of your phone.

All said and nothing done is a cause lost. If you are in possession of an unused handset then you should definitely recycle it. Apart from getting paid for it you would also be doing something towards the conservation of nature. And if this still doesn't do you any good, wait for the time when possessing an unused phone becomes illegal.

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