Connectivity Options Stand Out On The Fantastic Blackberry Torch

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As far as mobile handsets go, the Blackberry Torch is one with many tricks up its sleeve. A good deal of these wonderful features however have the great connectivity that this phone offers to thank. In a world where a mobile handset is much more than a device for making calls, the array of options on offer with this model enable a comprehensive range of internet, messaging and social networking features that make it perfectly equipped for the modern market.

As far as connections go on the modern mobile, they really can be split into two categories, Internet and Local, so we will take a look at the Internet side of things first. With internet usage in the UK hovering around the 82% level, that means this country has over 51 million users, with many of these having there own broadband connection at home, as well as having access via public networks and workplaces. Therefore, the presence of WiFi on the Torch ensures that when the user is within range of any of these systems, they can utilise a WiFi connection. WiFi is short for Wireless Local Area Network (or Wireless LAN) and refers to the wireless connection of products with the option of an internet connection via an access point, which in many domestic cases is the router. This offers the user not only the fastest possible connection to browse the web, but also lets other phone features work to there full potential, with push notifications and instant messaging being prime examples. Once you have entered the applicable network security code, the Blackberry Torch will remember this, so in future, when in range the phone will automatically connect. What about when you are not in range you may ask? Well that is where the range of mobile connection methods come into play, with the most effective of these being 3G. This offer excellent data exchanges rates without relying upon the internet, but instead using a cellular network, hence why many network providers incorporate download limits in there various packages. It is easy to access coverage maps for all of the major network providers online, but at present Vodafone seem to offer the best levels, but all providers do offer fairly comprehensive levels.

Moving onto local connectivity on the Blackberry Torch, and this refers to items closer to home such as linking to a laptop or bluetooth device. In the case of the laptop or home computer, like the majority of handsets the phone features a micro USB port. This is essential for the synchronisation of your handset, making not only the backing up of data but also the transfer of media items a simple affair. What the Bluetooth feature enables is the easy connection to other products without the need for wires. The uses for this can vary greatly. If you are with a friend and want to transfer a photograph from your phone to his, Bluetooth can be used as a method of transfer. It is also perfect for linking with peripheral products such as headsets or in car entertainment systems, enabling you to take a call hands free whilst driving, and turning your music down at the same time.

The connectivity options on the Blackberry Torch combine with some of the other great features to ensure that this model proves popular with all sectors of the mobile phone market.

The Blackberry Torch and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play are available now.

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