Connection Between Obesity and School Bullying Discovered

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Bullying is a delicate subject which has become a menace to the younger generation's learning environment. According to recent surveys 30 % of teens in the United States, and 90 % of children gave an account to being victims of school bullying.

Compared to girls, boys show higher tendency of engaging in bullying acts. Boys, being more openly aggressive than their counter parts, are more likely to become bullies and resort to pushing, hitting or even crowd ganging. bullying in school is commonly done by boys when they want to demonstrate physical domination over peers which they deem weak or easy prey. While girls, who are more subtle in their way of showing dislike, will probably do some kind of bullying by putting their victims in situations wherein they will find themselves the center of great ridicule. Gossiping and evident exclusion are some forms of school bullying in which girls show social aggression.

Unfortunately, obese students are more prone to becoming the receiving end of all these bullying acts. This is because bullies instantly see a trait on which they could begin to pick on. Bullying is also known to have harmful effects on overweight children because in every negative emotion they get from bullying such as, anxiety, fear and depression, a palpable resounding impact on the development of their social and psychological is compromised. Obese victims are unable to concentrate on school work and they have lower levels of self-esteem because of bullying. For anyone who experienced various forms of bullying in their young lives can have lasting consequences into their adulthood. Bullying may even result to bigger problems in the future if not handled well by the people who are able to help.

Researchers have discovered that bullying have significant contribution in a person's inclination to gain weight. Loss of friendship and spreading of unproven stories may have positive correlation to a person's Body Mass Index (BMI). As a result, students who are constant targets of bullies and are forced outside the circle of social comfort seek consolation in food in order to escape dejection.

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