Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

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The two of you have set the date and now itís time to start making the day youíve always dreamed of come true. Now is also the time when, for some couples the dream starts looking a little less dreamy. When you look at everything that has to be done (and how much itís going to cost!) one or both of you might start dreaming about eloping instead.

Fortunately there are ways to turn ďHow are we ever going to afford this?Ē into ďHereís how we can have our dream wedding without running up a nightmare debt.Ē

Start with a budget, and not just a number; you need a wedding budget planner. Thatís Step One. Next youíll eliminate a lot of stress and guesswork by coming up with a wedding budget checklist. Ask, ďWhat do we want to have in our wedding and our reception?Ē Thatís Step Two. What youíre doing is taking what can look like an overwhelming mountain of questions (and costs) and turning that information into a series of small, manageable items that can be handled with decisions that donít feel earthshaking. Step Three is to draw up a wedding budget spreadsheet. Now you have three really useful tools that will help you do something which, letís be honest, youíve never done before. And those tools will go a long way toward making sure your Special Day really is special.

If you are thinking that these tools sound like a great idea but have no idea where to get them well the answer is easier than you think. Available is a great software called Wedding Tracker Pro ( that was developed to help brides and grooms like you to plan their perfect wedding within their budgets and without accumulating unnecessary debt.
You want a program that makes it easy for you to create a wedding budget checklist that takes you, step-by-step, through the process of deciding what you want, what you can afford, and what you can live without. A wedding budget planner will help you stay within your wedding day budget, and it will teach you how to spend within a set amount throughout your married life. Software like the Wedding Track Pro will be a valuable tool to help you maintain a manageable debt for your happy, stress-free wedding day. After all, itís fine to cry at weddings, as long as those are tears of joy.

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