Conference Software has many uses

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Conference software is now seeing itself in the form of video conferencing. Its a tool which is, or was purpose built to replicate that of an offline meeting generally held by companies in a venue of some kind, which enables presentations, updates and collaboration.

Conferencing software has been on the scene for many years but technology is only now in a position where it can really deliver that true experience. Video conferencing which gives a smooth streamlined work flow is ever so popular and in great demand.

Video conferencing is a fantastic tool and fits its current position nicely. However, as time is moving on we are seeing other trends in using this technology which each benefit hugely. Companies are finding more and more uses for this and are implementing it into their business structure to not only cut costs, but to increase work flow and develop new avenues.

We have seen a massive increase in companies using video conferencing software for job position application and interviews. A string of interviews can take place one after the other without anybody leaving their home or office. This helps tremendously with time management and cutting costs. An interview can be held by multiple moderators from different locations simultaneously. The interviewee can deliver an interview and present themselves from a more comfortable surrounding and share directly things such as CV, files, documents, and further required information. Interviews can also take place sooner and any time night or day. Last minute job positions can be filled very quickly using this method.

Another area which has seen a massive increase in the use of video conferencing is distant learning. Learning from the comfort of your own home but at the same time taking part in an online class. This again is very effective and people are not limited to what they choose to learn based on geographical location. Over the years some people have had to do a great deal of travelling to get to the nearest college, or university. In some cases, people have also missed out altogether due to these complications.

Another use which is more of an extension to distant learning is the use of video conference technology in the operating theatre. This is very big right now and serves a very important job. Surgeons and consultants can perform distant learning classes direct from a live theatre on the fly, operations can be observed and is used for educational purposes. This same technique can also be used for highly qualified surgeons to guide a lesser qualified surgeon through an operation which needs the expertise. Expert surgeons and consultants are not always at hand in every hospital all of the time, in fact many patients are moved from one location to the next simply to get to the hospital which can cater for their individual needs. In some cases this can prove to be difficult and so the expertise of a senior consultant or surgeon can be accessed via a video conference.

Another area in which we see a growth in the use of video conferencing is that in the way of advertising and sales. Companies advertise their products and services at an open video conference leading to sales and business leads. This again is very productive and cuts business costs greatly.

These are just a few methods in which video conferencing has made its place. There are more and it is now becoming a must have product.

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