Conference Calls for Everyone

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When you think of conference calls, do you think of corporate board rooms and expensive phone systems? Do you think that toll free conference calls are the realm of big business or international trade? Think again - conference calls are for everyone!

With today's low-cost toll free conference calling services and "pay as you go" plans, you don't need a huge corporate expense account in order to take advantage of toll free conference calls. High value features such as reporting, dial out, and MP3 recording are readily available. In fact, many conference calling plans are built on reliable platforms, offering business-class solutions for just pennies per minute.

Who Needs to Make Conference Calls?
Conference calls are a convenient choice for connecting groups of people scattered across town, across the country, or across the world. Anyone who needs to speak with a group of colleagues, partners, customers, or students can benefit from this low cost, reliable technology. Whether you're a self-employed business professional, an office manager, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, toll free conference calls allow you to hold group meetings over the phone.

Toll free conference calls are a fraction of the cost of live meetings, too. For example, no one needs to travel to attend conference calls. Everyone dials a toll free phone number, enters a pass code, and communicates with one another verbally. There are no meeting rooms to book, meals to cater, parking to validate, or lodging expenses to pay for out-of-town participants. These costs quickly add up and are completely eliminated when you opt for toll free conference calls instead of live meetings.

What to Look for When Choosing a Provider for Conference Calls
While dozens of telecommunications providers exist, it's important that you choose your provider and calling plan carefully as features, services, and pricing vary from one provider to the next.

First, determine whether you want to offer toll free conference calls or standard calls. With toll free teleconferencing, you, the host, pay the cost for all incoming calls on a per minute basis. For example, if you have ten participants (including yourself) and the call lasts one hour, you'd be responsible for paying for ten individual 60-minute phone calls at the agreed upon per minute rate. That would be 600 minutes of calling in total. The advantage is that individual callers do not need to pay toll charges in order to participate in your teleconference. Going with toll free conference calls makes sense when your group is composed of employees, customers, and other high value partners.

Next, consider the features that are most important to you. For example, line and audio quality should be at the top of your list. Other desirable features include: MP3 recording, leader "dial out," the ability to mute callers, detailed reporting, online account management, and pay-as-you-go plans. If you regularly communicate with large groups, make sure your plan supports the number of participants you anticipate including in your teleconferences.

The Cost of Conference Calls
The market for conference calls is extremely competitive. Just as long distance rates have dropped to less than a dime per minute in many markets, so have conference calling rates. Depending on the countries involved and your calling plan, you could pay as little as 3.9 cents per minute. Using this rate as an example, a 60-minute toll free conference call with ten participants would cost $23.40.

Unlimited calling plans are also available. However, these plans generally do not involve toll free calls and they may have minimum usage requirements or monthly fees associated with them.

If you plan on including international participants, expect to pay higher per minute fees for these participants. Consider using the "dial out" feature of your calling plan for your international participants as this may be less expensive per minute than providing toll free access.

With low costs, high value features, and flexible plans, today's toll free conference calls allow for cost-effective teleconferences for everyone. Choose a provider with reliable, high quality phone lines and competitive rates and connect with your team over the phone.

AIT offers conference calls for everyone including sole proprietors, small business owners, and enterprise organizations. Competitively priced, AIT's pay-as-you-go conference call plans are loaded with features including: guaranteed line quality, leader dial out, MP3 call recording, support for up to 150 participants, triple redundant Spectel bridges, reports, conference viewer, and more.

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