Conference Call Provider – Importance, Services and Selection Process

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If you are searching for a conference call provider then be careful in choosing the right one. Many companies only give lip service and the quality of phone conference is very low in those cases. Thus, the only suggestion that I want to give before selecting a conference call provider is to act prudently. Go through the services as well as reviews of different providers and select only that provider which is most suitable for your business needs.

Importance of video and phone conferencing
Conferencing has become an essential part of today's business environment. This facility has helped companies in curtailing costs tremendously. Suppose there are various branches of a company that are located at various parts of a country or world. In such a case, if a branch wants to interact with the employees of another branch then a team of managers had to travel long distances to make the communication and conference successful. This process was a costly affair and involved a lot of man-hours.

However, this scenario has changed significantly with the introduction of conferencing facility, whether video or phone. Through this facility, a group of people of one office can communicate easily with that of another office, located far away. Hence, the cost needed for traveling is minimized and at the same time utilization of man-hours is maximized.

Now, what are the different services provided by a conference call provider?

There are many packages offered by different providers of conference calling. Some of the basic features associated with these conferences are:
1. Cost involved for each participant of the conference
2. Recording of the conference
3. Facility of desktop sharing
4. Maximum duration of the conference
5. Maximum size of the conference
6. Twenty four hour system access in an automated manner
7. Privacy and security
8. Email invitation in an automated manner
9. Customer support (Toll Free) throughout the clock
10. Online support (in a rapid manner)

11. Managed conference (managed as well as scheduled)
12. Digital connections of all types are absolutely clear
How to select a good conference call provider?

1. The first thing that you should look in a conference call provider is good customer support. Check whether you can get round the clock customer and technical support from the concerned provider. Also check the reviews about the company in various review sites.

2. The VoIP connection given by your conference call provider should be a good one. This advanced system of conferencing helps us in organizing virtual meetings through conference calls.

3. Ask for customized service from the conference call provider. In many organizations, employees need to exchange files (heavy as well as light) with each other. This facility should be provided by the concerned provider so that these files can be easily transferred during a conference call.

4. Many companies boast that they are global in reach. However, it is better not to go by their words. It might happen that this global reach only an advertising campaign and nothing else. Thus, check and cross-check such claim before selecting the company for service.

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