Concern of time for muhurta in the livelihood of every human beings

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Regarding vedic astrology, muhurta is much crucial. It gives directions by following which the human being will be unable to remove, counterbalance and overcome the evils indicated by the horoscopic chart. Horoscopy is diagnostic. Muhurta is authoritative as well as preventive. It tells how by undertaking ventures at auspicious times one can ward off the evils and ensure success. Suppose break in education is indicated by the position of evil planets in the fourth house from the ascendant and by the affliction of Jupiter, lord of education and Mercury, lord of intelligence.

These planetary conjunctions indicate want of education in a man as a result of his karma in previous states of existence. Muhurta says that the obstructions to educational progress by the planetary conjunctions indicated at the time of birth can be deduce by fixing an felicitous time for commencing the education. It helps one to minimize or modify the evils of our past Karma to a considerable extent. I must warn my readers not to imagine that muhurta is the masterkey to all wealth and happiness. It tells us when to do a certain thing if failure is to be avoided.

The perception of time is invaluable. All commodity in nature are manufacture in time, promote in time and damages in time. The fact of these statements require no further argument. It stands unchallenged. If the creative, protective and destructive forces are plunge in the powerful time recognized as the KALAPURUSHA in the astrological literature, then will it not be advisable to study the influences of the various energies issued from the solar globe and from the other globes dependent on the Sun for their supply of all integral energies and reflected by them under various modifications? Astrology is a science which deals with time preceding from the Sun and all the appearance which are embodied in that agency.

Horoscopy reads what is showed by the positions of planets at the time of birth being the resultant of one's previous karma. In other words, it has to do only with what one has brought with him the overall total of one's inheritance - physical, mental and material. Here we do nothing more than read simply a technical letter as if it were written in planetary and other symbols. Moreover, whenever an selection is to be made, it should always bear a compassionate connection with the birth chart. Should the radical horoscope indicate several afflictions, no muhurta can assure real success. In fact, the strength of the birth chart may even prevent the person from taking advantage of the propitious period. Or at best, the chances of failure may be somewhat minimised.

Muhurta could therefore be concluded as that precious moment when the vibrations radiated by man are altered to a specific wavelength capable of entering resonance with the radiations of the same vibratory rate coming from other planets and stars. Every moment has got its own significance and as Carl Jung says "whatever is born or done this moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time". Hence the moment of birth or the moment at which we elect to do an important act is not certainly an insignificant approach.

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