Concentration problems - can relaxation music help?

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Silence of Peace cd - review

Eric Wharton (17), a former pupil of The Leys School Cambridge was one of those students who found it difficult to concentrate on his studies. It would take him up to three days to write a 2000 word essay! He was distracted and prone to procrastination. Wandering around his home, watching television, calling his friends and snacking diverted him from his books. If he eventually managed to focus on his assignments, it wasn't for long periods of time. Even for the subjects that he enjoyed, for example psychology and history. His problems seemed to worsen when he moved from Canada to England to study, two years ago.

His help arrived in a form of a CD.
The Leys School was demanding. It was very stressful for him. The school day was long and when final exams came around, his problems with concentration were exacerbated. He turned to his favorite music but it didn't help for long. After five minutes of study and listening, his mind began to drift. He decided to try something new. He came across ‘Silence of Peace', relaxation music, composed by John Levine. The information on the packaging read that other listeners reported benefits in concentration levels. Curious, Eric bought the CD. At home he listened to ‘Silence of Peace' while he studied. The minutes turned in to hours and Eric was truly amazed by the results.

15 hours are better than 2!
"Before using ‘Silence of Peace' I could only work for a maximum of two hours," said Eric, "But the first time I used it with my work, I worked from 11 in the morning till 2 the next morning". During this time he studied History, Physics and English coursework, and was able to do all that he had to without falling behind. A substantial improvement was shown in his grades. Eric's B grades turned into As. His marks went up an entire grade! He claims it is because of John Levine's ‘Silence of Peace'. His academic achievements have guaranteed him entrance into the top state college in the country, Hills Road Sixth Form College. Now anytime he needs to concentrate he turns to his ‘Silence of Peace' relaxation music and his more recently purchased ‘Silence of Heart'.

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