Comprehending PCB design

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PCBs, or printed circuit boards, are found wherever there are electronic components. Whenever you see an electronic gizmo, a PCB layout is at its heart. PCB design is an essential element of business and leisure.

A PCB designer etches, or traces, conductive pathways from copper sheets that have been laminated onto a non-conductive base. This provides an electronic pathway to connect various electronic components together. Together, they are known as a printed circuit board assembly.

PCB layout is a complex and challenging skill. However, the low cost, high reliability, and high-volume speed of PCB design has seen it take over from older methods like point-to-point circuits.

PCB layout has been made a lot easier in recent years with the development of specialised software tools. However, it is still a specialised task needing a high degree of patience and concentration. PCB design services remain dependent on maintaining very high standards.

It is important that the PCB layout is accurate, and the correct board is used. The conducting layers are made of thin copper foil, while the non-conducting, or insulating layers are composed from a variety of different substrates, laminated together with epoxy resin. It is pivotal to choose the right type of substrate as this will affect the insulating properties of the board. Similarly, the width of the trace will affect the resistance of the circuit.

We at Concept CAD employ highly skilled PCB designers and the very latest PCB layout tools, such as Cadence Allegro, to create complex PCB designs for a wide range of applications.

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