Complete Information Guide on GPS Navigation

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Established way back in 1973 by the DOD or Department of Defense, a GPS system was put in place with the launching of 24 different satellites that could pinpoint the exact location of different GPS receivers. Originally being used by the Department of Defense, GPS is now widely and popularly used by regular civilians all around the world. As long as the line of sight between four different GPS satellites is clear, then the exact location of an individual with a GPS receiver can be given. Since we live in such a modern, technologically advanced world, GPS is integrated into a variety of different products.
Personal and portable, handheld GPS receivers can now be bought by any consumer, that will read that devices exact location at any given time as long as there is a clear signal. Handheld GPS navigation systems are absolutely essential when going out and about of different trips. Not only can they help you find out where you are located at a particular point in time, but they can also come in handy in times of survival in case you get lost. For example, if you were to go on a mountain climbing expedition and end up getting lost, your GPS unit can give you your exact coordinates so that you can tell rescue crews where you are located.

Even more advanced than that, are GPS systems that work in conjunction with your vehicle. Nowadays, maps just are not enough, and why should they be when there is technology to be take advantage of. GPS navigation units for a vehicle work basically by allowing a driver to input the address of a destination and then the GPS will tell you what roads to take to get there. Some of these GPS systems are so advanced that they not only allow you to input the destination, but they are also preloaded with points of interest that can come in handy when you are looking for a destination but do not know the address. These GPS systems can also be used as personal GPS systems on trips and some can even be attached to a bike.
GPS navigation is now widely used in a variety of different applications with one of the most popular devices having a GPS incorporated in are cell phones. It seems that nowadays, cell phones do everything we need in life and just so happen to have a phone built in; unlike when the first cell phones came out and their sole purpose was to make phone calls. Now cell phones have GPS navigation built right in so you can always know where you are as long as you have your cell phone. This also brings parents a piece of mind because they know their kid's cell phones can be traced via GPS should something happen to them.

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