Comparison of iPad and Android Tablet PC

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As the very first tablet pc in the world, iPad is definitely the first that strikes your mind whenever you think about tablet pc. I absolutely admit iPadís peerless status in this world, nevertheless, tablet pcs basis on Google Android seem to take the challenge here and compete with ipad. For all the potential consumers of tablet pc, you should really read this before you squander money.


Touch screen
A tablet PC isn't a tablet PC if it doesn't have a satisfactory touch-screen. Ipad provides multi-touch functionality with capacitive screen which is very appealing. As for various android tablet pcs, some can provide the multi-touch with capacitive screen, but others with resistant screen cannot. And thereís a little inconvenience with the capacitive screen, which only respond to your fingers but not fingernails. That means someone with big fingers would feel clumsy with such tablet pc.

Operating system
Before android 2.1 came out, tablets with android 1.6 were really popular. But when Android 2.1 tablet pc is already in the market, who would squander money over a previous version of OS? Android 2.1 OS is a great competitor to Apple iPad's iOS4, and any tablet that doesn't offer Android 2.1 or above OS is not desirable at all.

Thatís one of the reasons ipad couldnít eats the market all by itself. A 16GB ipad with WIFI costs you 499 bucks and thatís the latest and cheapest price here. On the other hand, android tablet pcs seem to be much more budget-friendly. The cheapest tablet pc on only need 89.99 bucks. So, your moneybag decides which one you should go for.

Market hold
As I said, ipad is always the first one would think of when he talks tablet pc. In todayís market, Google Android doesn't have similar hold with ipad. Android tablets are popular too, but not much in comparison to the iPad.

This is where Android lovers have a reason to smile. You see, when we talk about tablet options, Apple has only the iPad to flaunt (since ipad 2 hasnít been really out yet). However, Google is creating more and more tablet PCs with different OS and configurations to get a stronger hold on the market. Consumers would be totally happy with android here for more tablet choices.

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