Comparison between the normal phones and the Smart Phones

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These days the market is flooded with different mobile companies offering a variety of types and models of smart phones. Nokia, LG, Samsung, and BlackBerry are some of the companies that have had success in this race by coming up with more interesting and durable features. Samsung has the lead with its latest range of Samsung Mythic and Flight phones. When you are purchasing these phones, bear in mind that better quality leads to better durability. Hence, sticking with brands is always preferable. You ought to check all the brands of these phones and then select the best among them that meets your preference.

First, let’s clarify the latest features of smart phones, also called touch screen phones. It is a fact that touch screen technology is gradually making its way all through the lives of the people. All the famous operating systems are also getting imprisoned by this touch-screen mania. If we want to survey closely and go through the comparison between the normal mobile phones and these touch-screen smart phones, we would come to the conclusion that touch screen phones have made humans dependent upon them. Once people use a touch-screen phone, they tend to abandon their old, keypad-based devices and never look back. If you want to compare normal phones and smart phones, a quick search online should provide more than enough information to satisfy you.

PDA stands for “Personal Digital Assistant.” They are also known as “palmtop computers.” They include several features which allow users to do a huge number of tasks such as taking notes, storing contact information and accessing the Internet. Along with all the fundamental tasks of a computer, they can also double up as the media players. PDA phones are also a type of smart phone.

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